He Made It!


Well it’s been a week and information has been slowly streaming out of Anxious Andy about camp.

They went to Camp Goodenough in NSW and from all reports it was…… well…….. renamed………. Camp Just Enough….. yeah, ungrateful much?

They said:

‘We didn’t get enough to eat’

‘We didn’t even get morning or afternoon tea’

‘The mattresses were hard’

‘The food was yuk’

Seriously guys – come on.  Back in my day, we loved going to camp.  From the bus ride there, to the hard beds, to the snoring – it was something we looked forward to for ages!!!!

There were highlights apparently, the high ropes were cool, giant slide, crate stack and teen pursuit and of course….coming home.

Well look, at least he took the big step.  He did have fun really (I think) and the fear has been conquered….. for now.


Don’t Believe The Hype!

Heard something recently that has really pissed me off…again….I know, it happens a lot.  It goes something like this….

Do teenage romance movies teach teenagers bad habits…..

……and here we go again.  Look I didn’t get the full story I will be honest, but the movie they were talking about was about a stalker dude kinda scenario.  For all the Gen Xers, I guess it would be like the Marky Mark movie Fear.  Remember this:

So the discussion was saying that these movies teach kiddies how to become all stalkerish ……really?  If that’s the case, what the fark does Hunger Games teach them?  Don’t we just love to blame something?  Movies, music, social media – what we should be doing is actually ….. wait for it……. actually…… talking to teens – yep there it is!  If a teen watches these movies and thinks this is normal behaviour, well they may be a little farked up.  If a teen watches a movies and can’t separate the movie from real life, well again, they may be a little farked up.

Movies should be an escape ya know?  It should be an experience.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Sometimes we need to just escape reality and go on a trip just lose yourself for a couple of hours.  This is not really life.  This is not a ‘how to’ manual – it’s a movie.  Stop blaming movies, music and media – end of.

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Camp We Go


Well, Anxious Andy made it – well at least I think he did, well he’s on a bus and off to camp so again, I assume all is well.

This is a big deal – like a mega huge deal.  This is the kid that has been going to the psychologist weekly – the one that couldn’t go to shipping centres, to the movies, this is the kid diagnosed with Panic Disorder and guess what…..He’s On Camp – Yikerdy!

So, hang on tight cause there will be an action packed blow-by-blow description when he gets back.

Disclaimer: He is a boy, I will probably have to squeeze information out of him.  I may get met with grunts and groans but I WILL get something out of him.


Keeping Up Appearances

One of my favourite past times, whilst enjoying a bevvy or two is picking on my bro in law – look, don’t get all ‘oh poor him’, he holds his own pretty darn well, truth be told, he loves the sound of his own voice and he doesn’t mind starting a decent debate!  But the other night, he said something along the lines that lately, I’m on a bit of a trip about the coin? What you mean I hear you say?  Well, when I sat and thought about it, and this is going to hurt, so lucky I’m posting (admitting) it here, he could…..kinda…….be……..right…….

I’ve been looking around at people and wondering – Are you happy?  Did you fulfill everything you wanted to? Did you see the world?  Are you happy?  Did you make enough money to do what you wanted? Did you have a good life?

I think I have been measuring ‘wealth’ in coins.  I guess the reason being is seeing friends fulfill their dreams, have their dream jobs, do their dream trips and I don’t care who you are, sometimes, we can feel a little bit envious right?  And we start to question, where did I go wrong?  Why aren’t I making as much coin as them?  Why can’t I just get by?  Why can’t I have what they have?

And then I slap myself up the side of the head and think really?

I look around and think, man, right now, right now I’m pretty fulfilled.  I may not leave a huge legacy behind but I know I will make an impact.  I will make an impact on this planet by the two beautiful crazy cats Mr Cruisey and I made.  We made life.  We get to watch these two crazy cats grow.  We haven’t been to the Himalayas or Las Vegas – yet!  Our bank account sucks some weeks – but it won’t forever ya know?  We’ll get behind, we’ll get ahead but we won’t miss out on too much.  Money doesn’t need to be spent on taking the crazies out.  Money doesn’t need to be spent on dinner parties – gathering the family around for some food, bevvy’s and conversation.  Happiness does not need to be measured by the coin.

So to my bro in law I say thanks pal.  Thanks for the reality check, thanks for the endless debates, thanks for not crying when we gang up on you (but seriously dude, why do you take the chicks on? Really?) and thanks for your honesty cause if ya family can’t tell ya how it is, no one can!



Horror Movies.


Both go hand in hand don’t they, but geez, it’s a winning formula isn’t it?  I’ve been watching horror movies since the teen years.  Horror movies in the 80′s were kinda cool – think Jason and Freddy and Michael Myers – yeah they were some really scary freak out moments.  Then the one that really got me….. Poltergeist – that is still one of my all time most scariest ever to this day movies! (Rob Zombie movies really freak me out to….)

Of course there are the really gammy ones about to or the ones that it’s just all blood and gore and well just kinda dumb but mostly, they follow the same formula:

Group of people hanging out, telling stories, freaking each other out, strange noises happen, people start dying.

And we the audience sit there doing this:

DON’T: go in the cellar, go in the woods, go downstairs, go outside, answer the door, go for a swim, leave the group, stick your hand there or there – don’t you know there’s a psycho on the loose!

and then you go:

WHY WOULD YOU: go in the cellar, go in the woods, go downstairs, go outside, answer the door, go for a swim, leave the group, stick your hand there or there –  don’t you know there’s a psycho on the loose!

And then you’re like:

REALLY?  I soooo wouldn’t have: gone in the cellar, gone in the woods, gone downstairs, gone outside, answered the door, gone for a swim, left the group, stuck my hand there or there –  didn’t you know that there was a psycho on the loose! And then you’re like:

So there you go – horror movies + cliches = WINNING!

Have a lovely weekend…… and remember…….

Feeling the Neglect….


I’ve been a bit off lately.

Well not off, just distracted.

Well not completely distracted just kinda all over the shop.  Been busy ya know?  There’s a bit of kid stuff going on with doctors and assessments and stress and tears (and we’re only 2 months in – come on karma, bring it!) but amongst all of that, there’s been some cool times, like these…


Went to Melbourne for a girls weekend….wasn’t terrible….


Took Mr Cruisey away for his birthday and surprised him with an art class – I even gave it a shot.

And then all of this has been happening too….


So I’ve kinda felt like karma has given me a bit of  crap sambo but well, there’s always others worse off right?  I’ve got a great little posse, we’re healthy, there’s food in the cupboard, we’re laughing so you know what, it ain’t all bad.  I have neglected this little bloggidy blog so now, it’s time to get the house in order and the words out there so look out folks, it’s back on….again….

I just need a little nap first…


What is this thing called Outside Play?

Queensland State Government to re-teach kids how to play via Nature Play education program

I will just give you a minute to digest that…………

Did I hear a WTF there? Re-Teach kids how to play…… Our kids live in bubble wrap and cotton wool.  They are klutzy, they don’t know how to stand on their own to feet.  Kids that spend too much time inside, fall over – lots – in the outside world.  It must be because they spend so much time in front of that big bad naughty thing called the TV.  And if they’re not in front of that big bad beast, they are on their iPods and other such nasty things.

Gee technology, how dare you corrupt our children – I mean come on, how do you expect children to go out and fight gravity if they are cooped up inside like ALL THE TIME! I mean it must be bad if the powers that be need to go out and spend 1.5 million dollars on programs to get the children outdoors – look, here’s their report – read it -


Ya know what?  If your kid is indoors too much – OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR AND KICK THEM OUTSIDE! 

End of rant!