On this day…2013….One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure!


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Generation Whine….

Today’s post bought to you by….

And here comes a rant……

I’ve worked and work with some awesome kids. Yes they’re kids because when they ask me how old I am and I tell them, they tell me, that’s the same age as my Parents. So yes, kids.  Hardworking, good kids.  Go Generation X!  Yes, we did make good!

And then there’s the whingers.  The sooks. The ones that are always tired because they have been doing so much at uni and it’s all too much and they want the money but whinge on shifts and complain they don’t get enough shifts then complain when they are asked to do more shifts and I’M SO TIRED…….  Hot tip…..SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I don’t give a flying fuck about your uni.  I give as much of a fuck about your uni as you do about my kids.  See, fuck all!  Don’t fucken whinge to me about being tired.  Kid, you don’t fucken know tired! And you want more work but you want shifts changed to suit your studies but stepping up isn’t your thing well just fuck right off!  When did we, the cool generation, start breeding pussies?  What the hell went wrong?  Does it start with the bubble wrapping when they are toddlers???? Why yes it does.  So stop that shit!  Stop with the bubble wrap because you are breeding pussies!

So now my rant is over, I hope you kiddies do something good with that Arts Degree.



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So anyway, I put a little post on Facey the other day about having a couple of little perimenopausal moments……………Resonated with a lot of the girlfriends!

Hot feet!  Hot fucken feet! Hot fucken sweaty fucken feet. What the actual fuckity fuck!  And what sucks balls, I’m already a bloody sweater so I’m thinking I’m going to have to find a super absorbent towel to carry around – oh fuck it, I may as well just make a whole line of clothing out of it!  I’d make a packet I reckon!

And what did everyone say………..

‘Just the beginning’

‘So much more to come’

‘Starts at the feet, makes its way up’

Oh god, bring it on……I can’t wait to get on this ride…..said NO ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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The Times Are A Changing…..Again….

So……a few thing’s have changed of late…..and by a few….I mean a lot.

Remember how last year I decided to launch a Wedding Consulting business – well try to anyway.  But then the teenagers need feeding so this was always going to be a part-time role – something that I knew I would be awesome at and something that I thought I wanted to do.  Well……….shiz has changed somewhat.  I’ve decided to pursue a different path.  Well actually, it’s something that I have always wanted to do.

So next month, I am turning 45 and I am going to study!  I am going to do a Diploma of Counselling.  I have just started the process so I will either start in May or September.  I will be a full-time working, studying Mother.  Yep, this may actually send me crazy……….

So here’s a quick catch up of what’s been happening.  I now have a full-time job as a Corporate Catering Coordinator for a catering company.  It’s Monday to Friday so the role suits me.  I am home each evenings and weekends so everyone is happy that I am here to ask every mundane question that they can think of – ie where are my socks, what’s for dinner, do we have milk…….sometimes I wish I was working nights again.  I have taken down my Wedding Consulting face book page and joined another online company called Younique selling natural beauty products (look out as I will be doing posts about that soon to).  The teens are being teens – up and down then up then down and they are getting hairier and smell weird….oh and the youngest teen has broken his foot….again….so he’s in a cast….yeah, not much had changed in the household.  The dog and cat still do not see eye to eye and everyday we come home to something being destroyed from the puppy – just your usual suburban family really.

So being that a few thing’s have been going on, this little blog has been a little rejected.  But now I think I have it down pat and I plan to do it all – and this little bloggidy blog shall be my place of escape again…..so thanks for hanging around folks!  And let’s chat soon!

Pop on over and check this out if you like:


And of course I will leave you with a little gem….

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The Great Job Hunt

Hey, doesn’t looking for a job suck balls!

In May last year, I decided that I would start-up my own Wedding Consulting Business.  Just a Facebook launch and see where it leads me.  I cut back at work, moved to a casual position and then…..well lost my shit.   OK not really but well I still needed to bring in the coin to feed the teenage beasts so since then, I’ve been doing all sorts of ‘fill in’ jobs (which to be clear, has kept me very happy).

During this time, I also thought I would put myself out there and apply for some jobs – again, those teenage beasts eat a lot so money was a motivational factor but I also wanted to work in my field to gain more experience (apparently staying at one place for 18 years doesn’t really work in your favour sometimes…). So, the process starts.

Find a job, apply online, wait for a call, interview – that’s how it goes right?  Remember like back in the day?  No no no…. the job market is fierce folks – it’s a bloody jungle out there!!  I’ve been applying, interviewing and then……..nothing!  People these days don’t seem to want to contact you!  I understand if you don’t even make it to the interview process you can successfully assume that you didn’t make the cut – look no dramas, but bloody hell, if you take the time to interview me – GET IN BLOODY CONTACT!!  I have even contacted these people after the interview, thanked them for their time, done follow-up phone calls and still NOTHING!!  Wankers!

And then, the doubt sets in.  The self-doubt.  I know I am experienced.  I know I could do some of the jobs with my eyes closed, why didn’t I get that job?  I have even been in interviews and known the exact moment that I lost the interviewer.  That sucks.  Walking away feeling defeated.  That sucks.  But as much as it sucks, and I feel like crap, I have taken something out of every interview that I have done and for that, I actually feel good.

So, there have been tears, self-doubt, depression, regret but you know what, I’m going to give it a crack.  I refuse to stay in a job that I am not happy with.  I refuse just to settle.  I refuse to give up my dream.  I know I am capable, experience and ready for it.  I know I will find the perfect work/life balance and however that beast looks, it will be of my own making.  So for all of the potential employers that didn’t get back in touch, suck it, you missed out and I’m moving on!

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I Have Had Nothing to Say

That’s right, I’ve had nothing to say.

Yeah right, that’s complete bullshit.  I have had heaps to say yet, I haven’t been putting it into words.  And I have been stressing because I haven’t been blogging.  And I have been having nightmares about not blogging. And my blog has died a little and the stress, oh the stress and the stress oh the stress…….

See that – the stress of not blogging.  What the actual!  Yeah well fark that.  That’s exactly why I haven’t been blogging because I am not going to go about it half arsed because you, the dear reader, you will see that straight away.  And I created this blog so I could vent and chat and yell and scream and entertain and use it as therapy and most importantly, the realease the …….. STRESS!!!!

Hmmm, it does feel a little ironic for sure.  So anyway, I’m not stressing about this little blog world that I have created anymore.  I have not been posting a lot because, well, for whatever reason, I just haven’t.  I’m not down on myself and I have set a couple of realistic (oh wait there’s the key) goals and I will get my words out there.  So, thanks for sticking around and you will see more of me this year……Keep the excitement down to a dull roar folks xxx

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That Moment.

Bloody teens.

Today, the beautifully, frustrating teen beast, broke my heart.  It was without intention, completely within the realms of normal in the teen world and sad to say, not the last time it will happen.  Really, this is about me.  This is about me understanding the workings of teens.

You see, it used to be that we could go to the skate park with him.  Didn’t matter if his friends were there, we could kinda hang on the fringes and be cool ya know.  Me, Mr Cruisey, The Moose, we could just hang and watch and I’d like be cool when he stacked it – well lets say I didn’t run over to rescue him when I really wanted to because well, not cool man!  But we could see his progression and just hang.

Today, we went to the skate park with Benson.  Mr Cruisey, Benson and I rocked up and he was there with his mates.  We got introduced to one of them, the other we already know, ‘hellos’ and ‘how you going’ were said and all was cool.  So we just chilled for a bit. watched the lads doing tricks, introducing Benson to the sounds of the skate park.

And then it happened……….we overstayed.  Well to be more specific, I overstayed.  It started out with a few daggers being thrown my way.  I tried conversation but the looks were getting more fierce and then I go it……..I got the …….. ‘What are you doing here’ question.

And that’s when it happened.  That’s when my heart broke a little.  To be fair, I am a little emotional right now (fark you hormones!!!) and look, I get it.  There was no way I wanted my parents at my hangout – NO WAY IN THE WORLD!  But I thought we would be able to get away with it for a while but no, I had overstayed.

So basically, we wrapped it up and left him to it.  He knew that I was a little upset but I was being cool and like I said, I get it man, he’s a teenager.  And then as we were walking home, it happened.  Both of our phones went off with a simple little message from the teen……


And just like that, the cracks start to heal.  I know we have done an awesome job with this human so I am going to own my own emotions and just ride this train out because no matter how many times in the next few years my heart breaks, I know that he loves me.

And maybe I should let him know this more often………

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What a Cracker!

As I sit here doing this post, there are exactly 6 males in the house.  Mr Cruisey, Monkeyboy, Moomoo, 2 of his mates and Benson.  They are sitting inside having dinner giggling and joking and just being weird little teen beasts.

It’s weird.  I’m sure they were little not so long ago and now they’re stinky, hairy weird little teenage beasts.  They are changing right before my eyes.  They are hairier, they are stinkier and they are squeakier! And if they are giving me grief which is a fairly regular occurence, and I am at my wit’s end, there is one thing that will help me get through it…………..and this is it.

What a Cracker!


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2016…..Let’s play nice hey??

As 2015 draws to a close, I went back over a post I did at the beginning of the year……oh dear, when I said 2015 Let’s get It On….well fark, didn’t think it would throw so many challenges my way.  Gotta say, the last half was farked!!! it really went like this…..

Righto 2016, let’s play nice hey!!!

This is the post that may have put the kybosh on the whole year….

2015 Lets Get It On…..

So, the door is shut nice and firmly on 2014 and I gotta say, 2014 was farked!  Well not totally farked but farked enough.  There were some shining lights throughout the year not doubt but I am honestly glad that the door is shut.

2014 involved a lot of hormones, puberty and me being in the poo more often than not.  They also started to smell really weird and hair is sprouting up all over the place along with the attitude.  They made it through school – one even finished school and is about the start High School (Oh god, please make it) and are now on school holidays……hellidays…..when will you end………

I saw my family and friends deal with their share of shit sandwiches last year so this year can only get better right so 2015, let’s get it on – I’m game if you are and to my friends and family……………



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You’re Grounded!

Image result for funny grounded pictures

Yep, the teen got himself grounded.  But more than that, he lost his phone.  It was like losing a limb…….it was the best thing ever!

I remember getting grounded as a kid.  It sucked so bad.  My parents really stuck to their guns to – there was no getting out of it until they said so!  And if I whinged about it, man, that just made it worse!  I missed out on so many parties and all sorts of shinanagans as a teen (I did get better at lying and did make up for lost time however……)

But anyway, the tide has turned…….and guess what………. it still sucks!  Dawn thinks it hysterical.  What the teen did to get grounded…..well lets just say, it’s stuff that Dawn has seen before…….. and ain’t Karma a biartch!

But what sucks about groundings…….Well, the whole bloody family has to suffer don’t they – IT SUCKS BALLS!  With the grounding comes the sooking and the whinging and the teen thinking that negotiations are on the table and sulking and denial and sulking, sulking, sulking……..and then they actually get it.  In their teeny tiny teenage brain, they actually get to a point where the realize, oh, I farked up.  I better cop this or I ain’t ever getting outta here. I’m still going to sulk because, well man, I’m a teen but, yeah, did the crime, do the time.

So he’s off the grounding, with plenty of rules to follow and he’s also got a brand new phone!  You see, although he was doing stupid teenage shit, there was some stupid silly shit on his phone to so he lost his smart phone and now has a………..Old School Not Smart Phone!  He was so excited to get this.  He said – ‘seriously Mum and Dad, this is going to far’….oh no fair child, this is what you get when your teeny tiny teenage brain makes really stupid teeny tiny teenage decisions!  So……Parents 1, Teen 0 – game on!

Disclaimer:  I am under no delusions that the teen with his teeny tiny teen brain won’t mess up again and get grounded…….at least I have time to come up with some more punishments…….


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