My friend Gertrude Nooka Fanny, posted a this on facebook:

‘New thought while SOTT and using FB.  I believe the paper should go over and away from the wall!  What are everyone else’s feelings on this? Under or over?’

There were a variety of answers but the general consensus agrees with Gerty.

This post actually got me thinking about a few things:

Firstly: Is it now acceptable to use your phone whilst on the throne and will you admit it?

I am going to put it out there right now.  I catch up on my games whilst on the throne.  I seem to get a lot of grief from the boys if I ever actually go on MY phone as they seem to think it is only for their use for their games so doing this whilst SOTT is a good time to do it.  That is until they barge in as is prone to happen!

Secondly: Is reading book or magazine now passe?

Oh no my friend, this is still the perfect time to get a few chapters in.  For some people, I am sure that this is where they stash all of their magazines!  Nothing wrong with that I say.  I can’t do it in my house because hitting the target is an issue so if there were magazines beside said target, well you figure it out!

Thirdly: What man actually puts the toilet roll on the roll?

Really Gerty, I am sure you are the only man in the world that does this however, it does make sense as you are in a house of 3 lovely ladies – who have obviously put you in your place – well done girls, you make me proud!

So however you use your Sitting On The Toilet time, remember to breathe and relax – it could save you all sorts of grief in the long run.


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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