The Linda Blair Diaries

Night Terrors or ‘Holy Crap W T F Has Taken Over My Kid’ terrors????

I distinctly remember the first time Linda Blair moved in.  It was when Moomoo was quite young.  I was lying down with him and must have fallen asleep.  Tardy of me I know, surely there must have been washing to do or something.  I remember Moomoo sat up in bed, jumped out then screamed all the way down the hallway.  I had no clue as to what was going on so I followed suit.  Mr Cruisey came running out of his man room, freaking out asking ‘what’s going on?’,  I’m freaking, the kid’s freaking and we’ve no clue what’s happening.  We take a look at Moomoo and Linda is looking back at us.  Now nothing like this has ever happened so of course we try to wake him.  Linda doesn’t really like this as he/she seems to start talking in tongues.  We sit him/her down to try to calm the beast.  We feel him, scorching hot quick get some Panadol on board and slowly the beast subsides – good-bye Linda Blair.  Mr Cruisey and I are left wondering what the hell that was all about.

Round two happened one night when Mr Cruisey was away working.  Linda had been quiet for a long time but she decided to overtake Moomoo again one night, accompanied by hideous ear aches.  I was sitting on the couch, zoning, when all of a sudden he comes creeping out and Linda was staring back at me.  He/she started talking in tongues again along with trippy eyes and a bit of head rolling.  Again, being a bit unsure of what was going on, I tried to wake him/her because honestly, he/she was really freaking me out!  I wasn’t really sure if he/she was awake and I was a bit worried that his/her head was about to do the full 360, so I sat him/her down and tried to calm him/her down.  This craziness seemed to last for ages and it was really kinda creeping me out but finally I saw the beast moving on – thankfully, as I was pretty close to calling the Exorcism Hotline.

It happened again the other night, this time it was Monkeyboy.  She had never overtaken Monkeyboy before so we were unsure if it was her or not, then we saw the Linda eyes – yep she’s there.  Righto, calm down, we can do this, no need to call the Hotline, it’ll all be good, ride it out, sweet.

Linda loves to turn up when the heat is on.  If the temp gets ups in the high 30’s, then there’s a good chance she’ll show.  So just like the priest in The Exorcist using the cross to expel the demon, Panadol is my weapon of choice and if the head looks like it’s about to turn, amp it up with Nurofen – Linda hates all that gear, exorcism done!


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