T is for The Terrible Testosterone Troublemaker

Ah what’s the go with boys and testosterone???

No one tells you about that do they! Nah, we’ll leave that one out of the big book of children – you know that mystery book that everyone seems to know about but you!  Anyone can contribute as long as it’s happy, nice positive feedback.

Huh – no nice happy feedback here!

So there is 19 months between Moomoo and Monkeboy.  Needless to say it’s been years of absolute pleasurable hell at times.  Just when one seems to come good, the other one jumps on the band wagon.

At the moment, Moomoo or Hormones as I like to call him lately, is just a little bit weird – like crazy person weird.  He’s always been ah, unique but this new crazy is a whole new level.  It’s like he gets jacked up on air – look he’s rather harmless but when he is in this phase he’s pretty manic.  Now as you know, what goes up, must come down – and down it comes with a thud.  He’s only 10 and I get big scary insights into what he will be like as a sulky, sullen teenager – good times ahead!

Now Monkeyboy is the one who is normally in the firing line of Hormones, however, Little Ray of Sunshine, as I am calling him, is not so innocent either.  He does whatever he can to get Hormones into trouble with a smile.  He seems to be a little sulkier than usual but as I said, just taking over from Hormones – we’ve seen this before but man – when does it stop – oh yeah, it doesn’t.

I’m told The Terrible Testosterone Troublemaker rears it’s ugly head every 3 years or so with boys.  I know I am not the most patient person in the world so of course, there is a fair bit of yelling when the beast rears its ugly head.    Hormones and I can clash, not unlike Dawn and I – hmm yes ironic isn’t it, and Little Ray of Sunshine just blames me for well everything.  So when The Terrible Testosterone Troublemaker is wreaking havoc on our somewhat mostly peaceful house, I have to control Horrible Hormonal Harriet or I am pretty sure that the Cruisy Love of My Life, might just walk out that door – he is a very patient man.

So I say to you The Terrible Testosterone Troublemaker, you break my heart, you frustrate and annoy me, your best friend Horrible Hormonal Harriet is a wench as well,  yet I know, you are a necessary evil.


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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One Response to T is for The Terrible Testosterone Troublemaker

  1. Michelle (aka Sis) says:

    Boys, crazy boys. Just imagine if you two girls though!!! hahaha xx

    (I shouldn’t laugh I’ll proably be cursed with turds! – oh well they cna go live with Aunty Char xx)


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