I Survived!


So…… today I went on my first excursion.  Yes, I have managed to escape the excursions for 5 years so I decided to go on the mother of all excursions – Out of the Box at the cultural centre here in Bris Vegas.  Here’s a blurb:

About Us
What is Out of the Box?
Out of the Box is a biennial festival for children 8 years and under, held at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).
Out of the Box takes pride in its history as a national leader in programming for young children, nurturing children’s creativity and imagination.
Out of the Box takes place throughout the entire Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) and extends across the Queensland Cultural Centre precinct.
Out of the Box is a week of cultural activity crafted to celebrate and support learning, play, curiosity and discovery for children and their families as they learn and grow together. Out of the Box acknowledges and celebrates the value and importance of the arts in education and life-learning.
 This year marks the 20th birthday of the festival and we will celebrate with a culturally rich program tailored to the imaginations of under 8’s with a vibrant range of performances, workshops and free events.
Out of the Box is proud to collaborate with its many partners to present a showcase of experiences that are meaningful, lively, creative, and artistically rewarding. To discover and rediscover the magic of books and story, narrative, performance and thoughtful play.

How good does that sound?    And let’s be honest, going up to the school to help out in any parent helper capacity earns cool brownie points and it is a great way to compare your kid to all the other kids – oops we don’t do that do we? Yeah right!

So I rock up, all prepared and to be honest, a bit excited.  I get to class, get my group – only 4 boys – no loose cannons that I know of, should be sweet.  There are 5 grade 3 classes.  The equates to, um well a whole lotta noise!  As it is a pretty big festival, we are obviously not the only school there.  It’s not just schools and child care groups, it’s also, what I guess, are mothers groups or pram nazis’ as there were 350, 000 prams there.

So we’re about 15 minutes in, lining up and this is the first glimpse of the personalities we are dealing with.  There seems to be a few distinct categories but one mainly stands out.  It is:

  • Trouble – Mostly populated by boys, sometimes with one or more leaders and a few minions, always loud, prone to pushing, farting, giggling and general showing off mostly to each other.  For girls, they too seem to have one distinct leader that seems to whisper in the other girls ears, smiling sweetly as butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, and generally leading the others astray.  Both groups seem to hang in a posse.

This is also the group that I was fairly certain, oh who am I kidding, I know, Monkeyboy is drawn to.  He is not a leader but he can be just a silly as the next one.  Lucky for me, I still have the power of blackmail over him, no matter where we are, so a few looks and words here and there and he was under control – he spread the word to the other boys in my group and they too were under my spell.

I sent a text to my sister, a child care veteran, telling her where I was and the response I got was ‘Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha’ same goes for my sister in law who is a teacher, although she did inquire ‘how was my headache, mild or full blown’ and her advice was ‘drink plenty of water and unclench your teeth’.  Thanks girls, wise words, wise words indeed!

We saw a production on the Chinese Zodiac, we went in a crazy paper maze made of sticky tape (where I was stressing I would lose a kid or two), we saw some animations – overall it was a great day.  What mostly came out of this day is, how do teachers do this day in and day out, still like it and not have drinking problems (confirmed cases anyway).

So folks, unless you have been on a school excursion, stop whinging about teachers getting too many holidays or working 9 – 3 (which is really not the case!). These people actually want to take care of your little trouble making turds, they actually want to educate them so we can unleash them on the big bad world and for the most part, they still enjoy it.

Remember that cranky teacher we had at school?  Bet she went on one to many excursions!


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8 Responses to I Survived!

  1. Liz says:

    That is soooo true, love it


  2. Michelle (aka Sis) says:

    Again – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!


  3. Oh I could have gone in so many different directions, however, voice of reason Jurgen, said ‘hmm just be careful lovey’ so I erred on the side of caution – there is sooooo much more to come…


  4. Bec says:

    Was I at the same event??? Your comments were so mild…I am sure you enjoyed that refreshing revitalising ale as much as me at the end of the day…still recovering!


  5. Dawn Rogers says:



  6. Teresa Palmby says:

    Amanda (daughter in law and prep teacher) took 150 (yes 150!) kids to this!! Admittedly they were in groups of 9 per adult but she was in overall charge of 50 of them! We had Stella for the day- belive me, Amanda was STRESSED to the max by the time she got home! Got to admire these teachers!


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