Boogie Fever

Righto, before anyone (Dawn) can say anything, I don’t want to approach this and be a hyprocrite so I am going to say right now, this is not about me, this is about anyone but me – I swear.  It is however about most other humans who do the boogie dance – fingers up nose!

Moomoo and Monkey boy are huge fans of it.  They even do it indiscriminately – anytime, anywhere – Ok so as they get older, they are getting better but they still give it a good nudge! I’m curious as to what age it stops?

Obvious answer is – never right?

Example: Take a look at the drivers around you when you pull up to a stop light.  Bet your gonna catch at least one doing the boogie dance – hey it is an ideal time to do it – at least you can do the old roll and flick out the window – well hopefully this is where is goes (tissues I hear you say – stop swearing!)

Example: Celebrity Pickers – When I was looking for a picture for this blog, I googled Nose Picking.  After a little uncontrollable laughing, there are plenty of images of the oh so famous ones doing the boogie dance – some even try to hide under caps – ah love, we can see your finger still!

Example: What the hell is that on the wall? Right, when people are sharing toilets, use the toilet paper people – so not pleasant to see that staring at you!

So the boogie dance really does happen at any age and honestly, sometimes a good pick is just what is needed.




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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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One Response to Boogie Fever

  1. Lyallz says:

    I have made my children so scared of their snot that they think their brains are going to fall out if they even think about picking their nose, mother of the year I hear you say. Bahahahahaha


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