Please Teach Little Johnny Some Manners

Courier Mail – Please teach my kids manner at child care.

This is the headline on an article I came across in paper.

Parents feel ‘guilty’ about sending their children to child care, but hope staff can teach toddlers some manners.  Um what the??  Yeah yeah, cause the staff are there for that.  Changing Little Johnny’s nappies, feeding him, interacting with him and oh hang on, educating him and teaching him manners because you’re too busy??  Idiots – parents actually have to teach their kids a couple of things – far out I know but hey, do you want someone who can function in the world and be liked or the one that is known as ‘Little Johnny the turd”?

Swinging voters quizzed on their attitudes to chilcare revealed they believed child care helped teach table manners and the importance of “please” and “thank you”.  First of all, swinging voters – OK probably not what I’m picturing…. Yes, child care does definately teach table manners, please and thank you’s – following through at home would be the important thing here – don’t you think??

This is where it gets funky.

Long waiting lists and fees of $100-a-day or more raised concerns about affordability and availability – and this relates to manners how?

goes on to many families say child care “sets them up for shcool” – “It’s almost mandatory if thy’re not to start shcool behind other kids,” one parent replied.  

So all I can figure from this is:

a) Parents are busy.

b) Parents are lazy.

c) Parents find child care expensive but do it because they can’t be bothered teaching Little Johnny manners.

d) Parents complain about a lot of thing’s to do with child care but they put their Little Johnny’s in care because they don’t want Little Johnny to be behind?

e) Some parents are just idiots.


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2 Responses to Please Teach Little Johnny Some Manners

  1. Thanks for your comment. I think the parental gig is hard and not everyone is going to be happy with the choices we make however, as long as we have happy healthy well adjusted kids – with good manners – I think we are doing ok.


  2. kizzylee says:

    hiya, i think this is a highly emotive subject specially in this little town where i am from , being a full time mum – as it is now coined these days but my mum just called it being mum -, i have been told so many times i am ‘lucky’ i have well behaved kids, i try not to behead the person who stands there usually a stressed mum who complains she simply had to go back to work as she couldn’t stand being in the house all day, anyway for the most part i understand all types of mum whether they chose to go back to work or stay at home; the fact is i invested time love and a lot patience in my children and they are well behaved because i taught them to be well behaved! but it would seem as my mum said;- being a mum is the most thankless task in the world because no one ever recognises that it was me to bring them up that way and not simply luck ! by the way none of mine ever went to childcare/ nursery/preschool but it was simply a decision i took because i loved being with my kids and i knew it would all go so quickly, i wanted to savour every moment i could with them until i had to send them to school, they have even changed that now ! used to be i got til they were 5 now its 3 and the local school insists on them having a place 😦 which is way too young, only advice i ever give to parents is’ treasure every minute no matter how ‘bad’ because in the blink of an eye they are grown up’, thank you for this post and i still believe its not always just the parents are ‘idiots’ 🙂 its often they just don’t know how to be a good parent or some have been so shell shocked at how different it is to what they imagined they go strike forever after that! of course a small minority may still come under your heading 🙂


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