Til Death Us Do Part

So I’m not sure what’s going on in Moomoos head at the moment, but for the last 2 mornings, he has said to me,

‘You need to get married Mum’ and ‘Why don’t you want to get married Mum?’ – geez kid – heavy for first thing in the morning!

So here’s the sitch – Mr Cruisey and I have been together for 15 long years.  I’m still totally in love with the Spunk Rat – yeah yeah blah blah, we have our issues but honesty, I’m still in love with the bearded freak and we made two really cool cats.

So every so often (for the past 15 years)  this is what happens:

I say, ‘Honey, let’s get married?’

He says, ‘No lovey’, or ‘Sure lovey’ or ‘When the planets align lovey’.

Being that it’s a leap year, I got on board and the conversation went like this:

I say ‘Honey, it’s a leap year, let’s get married’

He says, ‘No it’s not – OK sure, we’ll do next leap year’

I say, ‘Right, you’ve got 4 years and I’m changing my Facebook status!’

He says, ‘OK lovey’

Facebook melt down!  So officially we are now engaged. (although when Mr Cruisey started getting FB congratulations, he did tell me I ‘tricked him’).  Whatever, the planets have aligned – 4 year count down baby!

Anyway, I work in Hospitality and there seems to be a trend lately where the kids are loving the weddings.  There are a lot of 20 something’s jumping on board the marriage train.  They vary from good Christian kids (some still firmly attached to Mum’s apron strings and reluctant to let go) to couples that have well let’s say lived a little with youngsters in tow.  Look each to their own but I just wonder how much life these kids have lived before that commit to the one and only for the rest of their lives?  I feel like saying, try before you buy kids – try out a couple of entrees’ before you settle for the main course.

So with 4 years to plan and being that I work in Hospitality, I got some good ideas going on!  Here’s a run down of what I have so far:

Theme: – Everything and More!

I will be in white – obviously.  The more frills the better.  I’m going with the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Look – is there anything better??

Mr Cruisey will be wearing top hat and tails in white.  There will have funny cartoon characters on the sleeves so a chuckle will be heard when the ‘men can remove their jackets’ part happens at dinner time.

I will have a smoke machine and a bubble machine ie smoke-filled bubbles for the ‘walking down the aisle’ part of the ceremony.

The celebrant will be a bearded lady and the ushers – little people – hopefully doing cartwheels.

Butterflies, doves and crickets will be released at the appropriate time of the ceremony.

The colours are blue and silver.  Lots and lots of silver scatters, blue and silver alternate chair sashes.

Instead of a wishing well, I am thinking a bathtub – (15 years of congratulations certainly won’t fit in a birdcage or well)

Balloons and plenty of them.  I’m thinking balloon archway to walk in to the reception room and one behind the bridal table, balloons filled with glitter on the dance floor to be popped at the perfect moment – oh so many balloons…

A freak show for entertainment.

So as you can see, my ideas are certainly underway.  I am having some trouble with the centre pieces and bonbonaires.  So many options……….. Watch this space for updates or suggestions are most welcome.

So keep June 31, 2016 free – it’s gonna be a huge day!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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2 Responses to Til Death Us Do Part

  1. cuz says:

    can’t wait!!!!! fm


  2. Your Mother says:

    I have put it in my diary


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