At Least They’re Reading….

Toilet time – that sacred time when one gets a moment to oneself – well until you’re interrupted with someone asking a question that just couldn’t possibly wait a couple of minutes.

Something strange has happened in our toilet.  No, no, the aim is still off and the toilet roll never seems to make it onto the holder, what’s strange is that there is now new reading material in there – A Toy Catalogue has made its way in there.

I asked Moomoo and Monkeyboy today,

‘So boys, are you reading on the toilet now?’

they both look confused and answer with

‘Well it’s the Toy Catalogue Mum.’

Oh yeah, silly me, of course.  So it’s happened, they’ve started reading on the throne.

Monkeyboy also informs me

‘That other book in there, ‘1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die’, that hasn’t got 1001 songs in it.’

‘Oh righto’ I say, ‘how many does it have in there?’


‘Oh OK mate, and how many pages did you look at?’

‘The first one.’

So he is also doing a bit of maths while he’s in there too.

Well we are told that boys don’t read enough and it is really hard to get them to read so if they pick up a catalogue, the newspaper, a magazine or ok this might be far out – a book and take it to the throne with them, go for it I say.

(something they can shoot for in the future)


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One Response to At Least They’re Reading….

  1. Ummm, that was actually me who took the toy mag in 😉


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