Clash of the Titans

Dawn and I are both Cancerians.  I am always right, and she is always right.  We make plans but our indecisiveness gets in the way, a lot, so plans will change at least 357 times before the original plan comes back in to play.  We talk often, see each other a lot – although small doses works best and we have a great relationship.  She says I love you, I say Yep, she’s a hugger like Sissy, me not so much, like the bro (unless there is beer involved) – you get the picture.

Now as much as we get on, we also clash a bit – yeah sometimes it’s more than a bit, righto, it can happen often – just ask Poppy, but we come out unscathed and it shall never be spoken of again.

Funny isn’t it when the tide turns.  Moomoo is the sensitive of the two.  Although Monkeyboy is getting better, Moomoo is really concerned with what’s going on around him.  He says really nice thing’s like:

‘Mum, are you OK?’

‘Hey Mum, how was your day?’

‘Mum, it’s your day off, you should try and relax’.

He sends me txts with hearts and kisses and flowers – he really is a special little dude.  But when he goes off,duck for cover!n  So it has become clear that Moomoo and I are like Dawn and I – look out.

As much as he lets the ‘I Love You’s’ flow free, everything, I mean everything can become my fault.

‘Do you know where my jumper, hat, shoes, ipod, any random thing is Mum?’,

‘No mate.’

‘Well did you put it somewhere?’

‘Haven’t seen it mate.’

‘Well I don’t know where is so you much have put it somewhere.’

Ah nope but clearly it is now my problem because you have misplaced it therefore, I must find it and if I don’t, it is still my fault – and there it is, the circle that goes round and round so you see, my fault!

But it’s ok, I can take all of this on because I know the truth.  It’s not my fault, it’s Dawns!

(I Love you Mum) (xxx no hugs  xxx)


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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6 Responses to Clash of the Titans

  1. Your Mother says:

    Of course everything is your fault and always will be as long as you are a mother Shame know one gave us a book on how to raise kids I did brilliantly,and how do I know this? Just look at yourself I Love you too xx


  2. Lyallz says:

    Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off …… You like it better now tehehehehe


  3. I don’t even know what ROTFLMAO means but I like it 🙂


  4. Lyallz says:

    You say this blog is your therapy? Well can I tell you that this blog is everyones therapy. Thank you so much Chamaine. Every blog rings so true in my life, it’s like you are in my head. So I say this Charmaine ‘keep up the great blogging and get the hell out of my head’ ROTFLMAO


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