The Dog Ate My Lego.

This happened on Monday.

It’s the first day back at school.  Up early, get lunches sorted, get kids sorted with the usual amount of :

‘I’m tired’ – Should’ve gone to sleep earlier.

‘I don’t want to go to school.’ – Neither did I, look at it this way, you’ve only got 9 years left to get used to it.

‘Why do we have to go to school?’ – Because if you stay home I will get in trouble by the police.

‘It’s cold’ – Winter will do that.

Get up now, get your breakfast, get in the shower, pack your lunches blah blah blah – DAY ONE!

So we get through all of that and then Moomoo asks about his Best Ever Lego Ship that he had made for Aunty the day before and was awfully proud of.  We had a look around and then I look at The Moose outside who appears to look at me with a little smirk on his face.

I go over to the little patch of grass that The Moose has claimed as his own little toy room and find it – The Best Ever Lego Ship – IN PIECES!

Now, I know this is not going to go down well so I decide to get it out-of-the-way quick smart.

‘Moomoo, I’ve found you ship, Moose had it’ – quick duck for cover right now!

‘What, stupid dog, wish we never got him, that was The Best Ever Lego Ship and now he has destroyed it’

‘Look you don’t mean that, come on, we gotta go soon’

‘Yes I do , I hate him.  That took me so long to build – stupid dog’

‘Righto, that’s enough, come on wash your face lets go’

‘But he’s a stupid dog, he chews everything, I hate him.’

‘Righto, alright, come on.’

I knew there would be quite a reaction about it but I really seemed to underestimate just how much this Best Ever Lego Ship meant to him.

20 minutes folks, 20 minutes of what can only be described as whaling.  I was really at a loss and then he said something that freaked me out,

‘You don’t build Lego Mum, you don’t understand.’

And there it is.  There is a 10-year-old putting a 4o (ish) year old in their place.

So for the first day back at school, it was a pretty horrific start.  Lots of tears, grumbles and growling but it did subside eventually.

So the tears are all gone, we are in the car, on our way, talking about anything but the Lego and then he said this,

‘Mum, I was so angry that I gave you the rude finger behind your back.’ I see tears welling up as he tells me and all I can do is….. laugh.

I’m laughing because I know that he will never be able to really lie to me.  He is always going to admit things that he really doesn’t need to – I’m laughing because, I think he is such a cool dude, a cool honest kind-hearted little dude that yeah, loses his shit sometimes but hey who doesn’t.  I can also say that,  this 40 (ish) year old is never ever going to question the value of the Lego.

(note: I did tell Moomoo that it was bad that he gave me the rude finger.  I also told him that he will probably do that and also pull faces behind my back in the future.  I did not tell him that he doesn’t need to tell me when he does it.)


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