Enter The Green Zone

Can ya guess where this one is going???

Yup for all those crazy drivers, this one’s for you.

So as I’ve said before, I drop the children at ‘Green Zone’.  This is an area that is a drop off zone – 2 mins max.  These are the rules as per the school:

• You may stop and pick up only in the green zone.
• You may stop for no longer than two minutes.
• If your children are not ready, you must move on and
come back later.
• You may not queue , waiting for a
space in the green zone.
• If there are no spaces in the green zone you must
continue driving and return until a space becomes

Simple right?  And in case that is too hard, here’s a translation.

Morning Drop Off – This is normally not to bad if you get there by 8.30, after that, all bets are off.  And so it goes:

Kids open door.

Kids get out of car.

Kids run along happily to school, excited to face the day ahead of them.

Mum waves, smiles, blows kisses and does a little happy dance with both hands on the wheel, indicates, checks mirrors then pulls into traffic safe in the knowledge that for at least 6 hours, there will be no kid whingeing.

After School Pick Up –  Right this is where it gets dicey.

Get to the school street and join the queue, not that there should be a queue because as stated above, if your kid isn’t ready, move on – hence no blocking of the street.

Wait patiently as the queue starts to move, watching kids run on to the road dodging traffic so they can jump in the car because this is much more fun than being safe.

Get to the end of the actual Green Zone queue, spot children, start to move up – only to find that someone has parked in the 2 minute drop off/pick up Green Zone!

Indicate getting ready to pull out into the traffic while giving the ‘parked person’ dirty looks (yeah righto and a few choice words but it’s ok because your windows are up and they won’t hear you so it’s not really road rage), move around said ‘parked person’ and stop.

Yell to the kids to jump in, bags in back, seat belts on, indicate, check mirrors, play dodgem cars and get the hell out of there!

Ask the children how their day was and get either:

a grunt – indicating no need to carry on this conversation further or

a rant – indicating time to zone out whilst carefully responding when prompted.

So that folks is the daily grind with the Green Zone – no wonder school is a stressful environment!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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