Do You Believe In Magic….

So, went and saw a little movies called Magic Mike – oh yes ladies, well worth seeing for the intriguing and interesting story line.  The queue was like a line up for 50 Shades of Dull on sale at Big W.

It has a little romance, lots of humour, arseless chaps, abs, gyrating, dancing, sex, drugs and rock and roll – oh what more could one want??

This is a movie based on Channing Tatums life.  While most struggling actors enter the hospitality field, Channing also did this, but was the entertainment not the wait staff – good on him I reckon, strippers make a packet and have a great time doing so – so says the movie.  Apparently he was talking to the director Steve Soderbergh and told him his story, he turned around and said ‘write it and I’ll direct it’ – yeah nice!

So the story goes that Mike really wants to own his own business blah blah blah blah and he gets his gear off, gets laid and gets the chick.

Honestly, the movie is shot really well and Mr Tatum can actually act.  Having lots of other eye candy didn’t go astray either and combined, it makes for a nice escape.

And I will leave you with this…..

and this

And we all know that when we go to Hens Night’s or strips clubs, we usually end up with this….


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