I’m Bored

Yay it’s the weekend.  I got to have a little sleep in, a little me time right up until it starts.  It starts and goes for the next 48 hours something like this:

‘So Mum, what are we doing today?’

‘Well, we’ve got rugby at 10 and then there’s the dishes, the washing, the vacuuming, the mopping, The Moose needs a walk at some stage, his crap needs to be picked up and patio swept, there’s lots to do around here.’

‘Right well, that doesn’t sound like fun.  Can’t we go to the skate park or go out or something?’

‘Sure, but first, I’ve got to get some of this stuff done or you will have no uniforms for next week and the house is a mess.’

‘Yeah, but when will you be finished?’

Right, breathe, just breathe…….. And then I pull out this gem –

‘Hey how about this, maybe you could help out?’

The eyes bulge, the breathing increases, colour is draining from his face – he’s about the keel over – aaahhhhhh,  help, what do you mean help?

‘Well, will I get paid?’

Exhale………… well I could go on about how being part of a family means helping out and yes, you will get pocket money but you need to do all of your jobs during the week and just because it’s the weekend, you still need to help out and no, I am not your slave and on and on it goes – sound familiar??

Have a great weekend everyone.


About itsnotjustmeright

It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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One Response to I’m Bored

  1. Lisa Allen says:

    “What are we doing today?” is almost as bad as “What is for dinner?”, which my kids take great delight in asking as soon as they get in the car after school……aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!


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