Get Well Soon

So the damn Loogy started sniffing around here in the beginning of the week.  I thought for a while I got a handle on it, then the bastard sucker punched me for a six on Thursday night and put me down for the count for a couple of days.

Lucky for me, the troops rallied and really took care of things.  As I was laid up over the weekend, I got hot lemon and honey drinks given to me, the dishes were done, the house vacuumed and mopped and the washing done, folded and put away, all the while I lay in a blissful slumber.  I really love my family, I really, really do, liking them as stated previously and I will always stand by this, can sometimes be a stretch.  So as I was saying, me sick, them doing chores.  The universe is good…….

But then, reality came and sucker punched me as well as the bastard Loogy because, well, none of this happened.  It must have been those strange sick dreams that we get because, when I awoke, my reality was very different to the one that I had invented in my sick induced utopia.  Damn you reality, damn you to hell.  Not only did the washing seem to pile up, it invited it’s mates over because I don’t know how these people wear so many bloody clothes????  Yeah come on over, just get on top of the pile and then miss one day and what happens, 12 more loads appear WTF?

Oh well, look it wasn’t all bad.  Well I did feel bad, but as I write this, it is day 3 of antibiotics and my voice is returning to normal – no more phone sex voice – and the house is clean and quiet as Mr Cruisey and the boys are out skating somewhere.  Mr Cruisey did cook brekky both days and the boys cleaned the yard as The Moose weighs about 50 kgs now so when he chews sticks, they are really branches that he manages to find yet we cannot seem to find any when we want to start a fire, hence the yard being a mess.  Mr Cruisey did do a couple of loads of washing and after much nagging or as we call it ‘the usual’ the boys did do some jobs around the house.  I get a bit sooky when I am sick, so the boys lay with me and Moomoo (Mr Sensitive) was really sweet and concerned – he is gonna go far with the girls that one – however, I pity the girl that breaks his heart!!!

So anyway, I am now feeling a bit better and I am giving the Loogy the boot.

So Loogy, be gone, I’m done with you – you are not welcome around here.

If you try to show up again, I am going to open a can of Whoop Arse on you!

I am now off to bed.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE as at 5.14pm Sunday – Mr Cruisey has made a dint in the washing and walked The Moose and the bonus – taken the boys to the park while I slept – Oh I do Love the Hunk o Spunk!


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