Mind Your Own Business


We will be welcoming a new edition to the clan this December – a boy according to the poll in this house, and when there is a pregnant woman in the tribe, doesn’t everyone like to have an opinion!

So Auntie and Uncle have decided that Uncle will be staying home for the first 6 months, and Auntie is going back to work.  Well hasn’t this got up the do gooders noses!  I asked Auntie if she was getting any stick about this decision and she said that people had said:

‘Six weeks is far too early to go back to work!’ – Ah said who?????  Auntie has a job where she does travel but also can work from home and ah hello, THIS IS THEIR DECISION!

I applaud their decision, I really do.  I think it is fantastic that firstly, Uncle wants to stay home, his work has ok’d the decision to stay home, and Auntie can go back to work whenever she bloody well wants to people because again, THIS IS THEIR DECISION!!  Auntie is unlike me where I don’t mind dripping the F Bomb every now and then (yeah, yeah, sometimes alot – fucken whatever) so I said to Auntie,

‘Now Auntie, when people tell you what is best for you and your family because obviously they know, you just say, Get Fucked!, with a smile.’ (I know this will never come out of Auntie’s mouth but I would love to see it!)

Now I’m going to tell you something here.  I NEVER BREAST FED MY SECOND CHILD – NOT A DROP!  He was swaddled so tightly after he was born there was no chance of him getting anywhere near me.  The Reason: I HATED IT!

I tried it with Moomoo and couldn’t stand it.  When Moomoo was born, he went straight to Special Care as he spiked a temperature in utero so he was getting a bottle there, and then he was supposed to try to get some milk from me.  I had every Mid Wife telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing, I was stressed and sore after a 36 hour labour, emergency caesar, baby in Special Care, baby blues blah blah blah blah.  Anyway, there was one Mid Wife who said,

‘You don’t have to do this.’ I looked at her and cried, ‘I will get you a bottle if you like.’ Thank you oh saintly one.

So there, I tried breast-feeding for 2 days with Moomoo and Monkeyboy didn’t get a drop.  If I have to be honest, there were very brief and I mean brief periods of regret, but you know what, Mr Cruisey got to do feeds in the middle of the night, we rotated feeding and we got through you know.  Auntie asked me about breast-feeding as she’s thinking she is not going to like it but everyone knows and doesn’t mind telling you that Breast is Best.  So as previously stated, I said to her,

‘Now Auntie, when people tell you what is best for you and your family because obviously they know, you just say, Get Fucked!, with a smile.’ (I know this will never come out of Auntie’s mouth but I would love to see it!)

It’s funny isn’t it, when we get pregnant, you kinda think that we could rely on women to help us with our fears and worries, instead, we seem to get a whole lot of bullshit advice from people that are supposed to be our friends.  The best advice I got when I was pregnant was from my little Indian Doctor who said,

‘Don’t read too much, don’t listen too much and if you have any questions, come and see me.’

This is exactly what I have said to Auntie.  You get through it, you just have to sift through the bullshit as well, and that is what family is there for, they can be your bullshit detectors and the ones you can really rely on.

We can’t wait to meet the new edition to the clan and Auntie and Uncle will be bloody fantastic parents!

This is just funny…..


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7 Responses to Mind Your Own Business

  1. Increasingly folks are adopting this technique which they’re locating quite easy to practice.


  2. Lisa Allen says:

    I breast fed Chloe for five weeks before my left nipple split completely in half and she was vomiting up blood every time she fed (gross I know). Brooke got breast fed for about two days before said left nipple decided to start splitting again. I don’t care what anyone says, not everyone CAN breast feed because believe me I tried and tried and tried with Chloe. Both of mine were fed formula and as far as I know there is nothing much wrong with them! I agree with you Shorty, tell ’em to fuck off!


  3. Susan says:

    What a funny way to start my morning lol. I’m with you I didn’t breast feed either because I HATED IT!! The best piece of advice I was ever given was – people will give you so much advice and will mean well BUT you are the mum so you do what’s best for your and your baby. Good on them, I would love a house husband!


  4. Your Mother says:

    Great advice I agree totally even though I did try to give advice now and again just to be told to fuck off lol


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