Parenting Tips or so they say….

I love reading stuff.  Stuff like advice on dieting, exercise, handy home hints and then I print it, in my mind commit to it and then disregard it by the next day – well not always, but kinda mostly.  But when I come across parenting advice, well of course I take all of that on board (insert sarcasm here).  I was looking at this quite well know site that has 3 of the same letters in their name, and came across their parenting tips.  Even as I read them I felt all warm and fuzzy inside so I thought I would share them and interpret them for you…..


1. When your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing and pay attention to your child.  It is important to spend frequent, small amounts of time with your child doing things that you both enjoy.

Stopping oneself on the toilet, or getting cold in the shower as the door is left open hardly seems practical as this seems like the time that the child wants to tell you something super important.

2. Give your child lots of physical affection – children often like hugs, cuddles, and holding hands.

I love this one, I love snuggles, I love holding hands, we are very affectionate  and always throw in the I Love You’s and I can’t wait to do this to them when I drop them at High School, honking the horn as I leave, telling them how much I love them!

3. Talk to your child about things he/she is interested in and share aspects of your day with your child.

Pick you times for this one!  It is not advisable doing this straight after school because grunts don’t count as conversation.  Let them start the conversation and they will let you know when you are done.

4. Give your child lots of descriptive praise when they do something that you would like to see more of, e.g., “Thank you for doing what I asked straight away”.

Hmmmm, don’t know if I have ever used that phrase, I have used ‘Dude, that was cool’ though

5. Children are more likely to misbehave when they are bored so provide lots of engaging indoor and outdoor activities for your child, e.g., play dough, colouring in, cardboard boxes, dress ups, cubby houses, etc.

Vacuuming, dishes, folding clothes, putting away clothes, walking the dog – all legitimate forms of activity…

6. Teach your child new skills by first showing the skill yourself, then giving your child opportunities to learn the new skill.  For example, speak politely to each other in the home.  Then, prompt your child to speak politely (e.g., say “please” or “thank you”), and praise your child for their efforts.

See I didn’t realise manners were a skill, I thought them more a must.

7. Set clear limits on your child’s behaviour.  Sit down and have a family discussion on the rules in the home.  Let your child know what the consequences will be if they break the rules.

Sure.  No Worries.

8. If your child misbehaves, stay calm and give them a clear instruction to stop misbehaving and tell them what you would like them to do instead (e.g., “Stop fighting; play nicely with each other.”  Praise your child if they stop.  If they do not stop, follow through with an appropriate consequence.

Again, Sure, No Worries

9. Have realistic expectations.  All children misbehave at times and it is inevitable that you will have some discipline hassles. Trying to be the perfect parent can set you up for frustration and disappointment.

The Perfect Parent, oh where for art thou?

10. Look after yourself.  It is difficult to be a calm, relaxed parent if you are stressed, anxious, or depressed.  Try to find time every week to let yourself unwind or do something that you enjoy.

Step one: Open bottle.

Step two: Put to mouth, tilt bottle and swallow.

Look this is all sound advice but I guess you just do what you gotta do and if that’s just getting through, well that’s ok to right?

Stayed tuned when I bring you Top Parenting Tips from Nigel Latta – a fantastic, hilarious psychologist who has some sound advice on this parental gig.


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