Price Check, Price Check on 3

Today I lost my mind temporarily and told the boys we all have to go grocery shopping because I don’t want to do it by myself while they got to hang out at home – ah, what was I thinking????

So I suggest said shopping trip and Mr Cruisey is on board, Moomoo and Monkeyboy have the need to question straight away:

‘Can we get a treat?’

‘Can we get something to eat?’

‘How long will it take?’    Blah Blah Blah – quick get your shoes on, let’s go!!!!!

Mr Cruisey likes to shop at the other big grocery store that I usually shop at so today, we are going to his favourite store. This is a bigger than my usual which can mean more choice, therefore more time, therefore more room for the kids to get a bit loose.  Kids and shopping needs to be timed just right I reckon.

As we make our way around the store, it becomes clear that Mr Cruisey doesn’t necessarily shop on price – he’s more of a time saver really, I do know this but I thought I might be able to impart some wisdom on him on price savings.

We get to the isle that has all the pretty thing’s that smell nice and as always, I get distracted there.  Doesn’t matter which store it is, I’m always looking and spending too much time in this isle.  So I’m comparing prices on vitamins and smelling thing’s so Mr Cruisey takes the trolley and continues shopping.  When I catch up to him, he shows me what he’s got so far. I ask,

‘So how much were these, and these, and these?’

‘Doesn’t matter, we needed them so I got them.’

‘Did you check the prices?’

‘No we needed them so I got them.’

‘But were they on sale or anything?’

‘I don’t know, we needed them so I got them’

‘Yeah but’

‘See this is why you spend so much time at the shops.  You spend ages looking at stuff.’

‘But honey I try to save us money.’

‘Yeah but we don’t need to be here all day right’

‘Yeah but, well yeah but.’

‘See lovey, this is why I don’t come shopping’

So we get to the check out, he starts unloading.  Now common sense says we should put like items together right? Colds with colds – simple really.  So he starts unloading, I point out the obvious and here comes the kicker:

‘I know lovey, you’re just much better at it.”

Hmmm all part of the plan me thinks – his p

lan to show me how ‘good I am at shopping’…

So, shopping is done, lot’s more treats this week and it showed in the total bill at the end to – another reason that doing the groceries, is way, way better solo!



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One Response to Price Check, Price Check on 3

  1. Lisa Allen says:

    That is the reason I NEVER grocey shop with Warren except he is the opposite and runs down the aisles with the trolley like a madman and doesn’t put anything in that we need!


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