School Stink

What’s the go with School Stink?

Moomoo and Monkeyboy shower and put deodorant on every morning because I do not want them being the Stinky Boy in Class.  Sure they winge and moan sometimes, but as they get older and can smell themselves, they realise the value of the shower.  That and brilliant advertising from Linx does the trick!  But every afternoon when they get in that car, there is a peculiar School Stink about them.

The School Stink seems to consist of the usual suspects, like food and sweat and some others unexplained odours as well.  It’s an odd smell yet strangely familiar.  This is another reason that I super admire teachers.  Not only do they put up with snot faced grots, they put up with School Stink.  It’s gotta get tough especially after play time, surely.

So the School Stink finds its way home in the form of lunch boxes, which if not emptied out daily can become their very own science experiments, jumpers – the smell seeps into that one every single day it seems and hats!  Hats are the worst.  Don’t leave them for longer than a week trust me!  And if you dare check their bags every once in a while – well just close it up really quick!

So School Stick is everywhere.  I guess the only compensation really is that by the time they get to High School, they will be wanting more product, Pro Active and Clearosil so there will be a whole new range of smells going on.


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