The Goon



I was reading an article today about a school that is going to conduct random breath testing on its students at their semi formal.  The principle has taken the stance after ‘four instances’ of students being sent home from their formal because they had been previously drinking.

Got me thinking back to my youth.  I was naughty as a teenager.  Never in trouble by the police naughty, but I did all of those thing’s naughty teenagers did – and really I kind of hope still do.  I ‘d say I gave in to peer pressure but I wasn’t pushed into anything, I was however very curious and didn’t say no very much.

The first time I got drunk, I was 14.  Goon, it was on bloody goon.  Not in a bag goon but a flagon of goon. (Even as I write this there is a little vommie in my mouth).  It was on the beach, in the hot sun and I got dragged home by my brother.  I’m pretty sure Dawn had a mild heart attack but from what I remember, she was pretty good and let me sleep it off in between dashes to the toilet for vommies.  And then there was the next morning.  Dawn was not as forgiving then.  She thought it a great idea to make me clean the house and make lots of loud noise and then her and Dad ripped me a new one!  My grounding was lifted after about a month but the memory of the goon lives on.

My friends and I did all those silly things.  That’s what weekends were for.  We lived at the beach so we’d all hook up, go to our session spots and get on it.  We would then try to act straight for the olds – epic fails sometimes but we’d always give it a red-hot go!  I reckon if there was random breath testing at our formal, the place would have been empty.

So I understand what the principle is doing but look there’s always going kids out there that are going to do naughty things.  I’m not entering any debates here about the right and wrong, I’m just saying, teenagers are going to do stupid shit – end of.




PS – there’d be a whole other blog on all the other naughty stuff that I did so I will save that for another time.



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