Hormonal Beast on the Loose!

Mr Cruisey was going through the old videos of Moomoo and Monkeyboy the other day.  I was right in the middle of the housework but was so easily distracted so I started watching with him.  Man, our boys were so cute.  I kind of remember those days, the blur that was those days anyway.  Nappies, vomit, bottles (yes bottles, no boob!!) lack of sleep and people saying,

‘Treasure this time, it goes to quick’

Now, when you are sleep deprived, flat-out taking a shower before midday, stressed out and cranky, the temptation to poke these people in the eyes is very strong.  But you get through those years, those long, drawn out sleep deprived years, you really do.

But something happens to 10-year-old boys, something that is so dark and scary.  It’s just like all of those other things that no-one tells you about.  You can’t find it in the Great Big Book Of Happy Positive Parenting, How To Bring Up the Perfect Child. Throw and 8-year-old into the mix and all hell breaks loose – regularly!

Moomoo seems to lose his shit at anything.  He has no patience at all.  Monkeyboy loves to stir it all up and dob.  We should be putting up signs:


They have a go at each other, they have a go at me, it is just a never-ending circle.  So Monkeyboy stirs it, Moomoo loses it, I only see Moomoo hitting the Monkeyboy so I’m up Moomoo, then Moomoo loses it at me because Monkeyboy started it and he’s always in trouble becuase he’s the oldest, then I lose it, then Monkeyboy stirs it, then Moomoo really loses it, then I lose it – hmmm starting to see a pattern here??

Sometimes I see the testosterone running through Moomoo.  He can be crazy, silly and so far up that if I bottled and sold this gear, I would be loaded (or in jail).  On the downside, he is an emotional wreck.  He’s already a sensitive little dude so when he gets down, its rugged!

Monkeyboy’s testosterone bursts are a bit different.  He’s just seemed to become a right little smart alec.  And he has a permanent scowl on his face – pretty sure there won’t be much communicating with him when he is a teenager!

So people, you have been warned.  Keep an eye out for the Hormonal Beast because it rears its ugly head every 3 years or so.  The world collapses for a while and there’s not much that can be done about it, you would never be right anyway!  It’s horrible and frustrating but it’s all part of growing up right?  So get prepared, get your sign ready and remember, tread carefully folks!


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One Response to Hormonal Beast on the Loose!

  1. Your Mother says:

    Gee just like their mother lol


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