Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Mr Cruisey has his phone alarm set for 5.50am every morning.  He doesn’t actually get out of bed for another hour so this is all ‘snooze time’ – yeah we all do it, who knows why, but it is the best sleep ever!!!  Up he gets, not many words spoken, kiss good bye, have a great day, love you xxx Roll over and hide – hide because they are coming, the noise is coming, the bliss is about to explode!!!!!

There are two choices here:

1)      Get up and run to the shower – do not look in their rooms, do not make eye contact just run.

This is a safe option, at least you get a few minutes to yourself until one of them comes in, asks some super important question that could not have possibly waited, only to leave the door open when they leave so you freeze when you get out of the shower.

2)      Morning snuggles – this however must be done one at a time because if they both get in bed with you, the peace is shattered within 1.2secs and so it begins.

I love the morning snuggles, bum breath and all.  It can never really be just a one on one morning snuggle oh no, the other one joins in to and then it starts….. ‘don’t touch me’ , ‘move over’ blah blah blah ‘Oh What A Beautiful Morning’ plays over in my head as I zone out to a happy place…

So we’re up and out of bed now, one in the shower, one getting breakfast, lunches getting made, cat fed, dog fed, COFFEE NOW!!!! Load of washing in, load of washing out, shirts ironed on and on it goes.

And then it’s time for the morning chant:

Have you had breakfast / Yes

Have you cleaned your teeth / Yes / Show me / 🙂 / Do them again / Why / Because they’re not done properly / Why do we need to do them / So your breath doesn’t smell like bum

Have you got deodorant on / I don’t need it/ Yes you do / Why / Well you don’t want to be the stinky kid in class right – out some on now!

Have you packed your lunch / Yes / Have you packed your bag / Yes / Why is your homework book still on the table / I forgot to pack it / How about you do that now / Righto geez Mum I can only do one thing at a time!

Mum – where’s my hat / Don’t know mate I don’t wear it / Well can you help me look for it / Where did you leave it / Dunno / Well you better remember / Well it’s not my fault I can’t remember where I put it! / Breathe, just breathe….

Right, car let’s go now!

Kids in, music up, road rage to a minimum and off we go.  Alright we made it.  Kisses, love you’s, have a great day, see you this afternoon xxxxxxx      Now breathe, just breathe.

If I’ve had a particularly insane morning, I like to look at the faces of the other parents at school.  I can tell their morning has been as good as mine by the plastered on smile and white knuckles on the steering wheel.  I swear I can even see them breathe sighs of relief as they drop their darlings off.

So starts the day, and now it’s off to work……………


About itsnotjustmeright

It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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2 Responses to Oh What a Beautiful Morning

  1. Liz says:

    That is also so true, love dropping them off and going to work lol


  2. Sysan says:

    Omg, I swear you have my house bugged – that was word for word, so I’m not the only one who makes them clean their teeth again if the 2 seconds they stuck the toothbrush in their mouth didn’t work lol. As for hats yep every morning we usually find it in the car after the 5 mon crying fit because it can’t be found.
    Aaahhh so glad it’s the long weekend! Enjoy.


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