The Witching Hours

These 2 crazy cats are mine.  I made them, I am helping to shape their fragile little minds, teaching them manners and morals and I love em to bits.  I love watching them grow and question the world, they are really cool little dudes.  As much as I love them, liking them at times is not so easy.  There are two particular times that this really comes into play:

Mornings – See here’s the deal.  I don’t mind mornings.  I don’t get out of bed and jump for joy and dance around however, it is nice to wake up, chill out a little and get ready to face the day.  Monkeyboy gets up, feeds The Dame, sorts his stuff out and generally doesn’t mind facing the day.  Moomoo is another story.  If sleeping in were a sport, he’d but up there with the best of them (he’d always come second place to The Man though!).  The mornings when we don’t have words (translation: yell and scream) happen about twice a week – Saturday & Sunday (although getting ready for early rugby games is becoming an issue…)  When we finally get out the door, I find it amazing that the neighbours still wave at us although sometimes I think the smiles are a little too fake, that maybe they have a case of the Madagasca’s – smile and wave fella’s, smile and wave….

The Witching Hour – Now this time can vary depending on age.  Babies to toddlers – generally around 5.  School kids is whenever they get in the car from school.  A typical afternoon goes like this:

Pick up boys from Green Zone – the zone where kids regularly dodge death as their parents wait in a cue and make them run to the car aka dodgem car style because they are impatient and can’t actually wait to get to the zone.

Ask boys how day was – ‘Good’, this is the standard response.  I then have to judge their moods as to whether I persist and ask something dangerous like, ‘So did anything exciting happen today?’  This can be met with either a flat out ‘no’, tales of who got in to trouble and why or tales of toilets and farts followed by raucous giggles – I like these stories the best too.

Homework time or Hell time – Figuring out the best time to do homework is really hard.  Do you do it as soon as they get in the door, do you let them chill out then do it – is there really a good time to do it????  Homework time involves frustration, tears, farts, giggles, sulking – it’s just a super joyful experience – not.  Enough said about homework!

What I have figured is blackmail is a wonderful friend!



  1. I can relate to the picking up experience of No 1 and No 2 and did it in the rain –
    One day a happy Aunty got to collect her two Nephews from school, instrustions – the little darlings were to wait a particular spot until Aunty arrived and it was going to be lovely! Well, it was pouring rain (Aunty in a summer frock!) unsuspecting Aunty didn’t realise that when some Mother’s collect their children from school they become possessed by some irrational fear that if their children have to walk more than 10m to the car they may melt in the rain! Aunty parks miles away, runs to the designated – no Nephews! Frantic, sopping wet with orgainsed Mother’s with umbralla’s staring at the strange lady No 2 comes into view running in the rain close to drowning closely followed by No 1 with one shoe on! “Where is your shoe?” Aunty asks (thinking this is a normal question) No 1: “It had a blow out, look!”. We get into the car, wet bags thrown in, wet family and now wet car. All the way home – fart jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Love it! And no it’s not just you! Mornings are the worst in our house as well, getting kids up at 6:15, 3 days a week to be out the door by 7:15 is a constant chore, but hey our neighbors still smile at us too! Keep writing you have a talent for this!


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