Hi, my name is Charmaine and I am in need of some therapy.  I am a 40 ish year old working mother with 3 boys aged 39 (Mr Cruisey), 1o (Moomoo) and 9 (Monkeyboy) 1 cat, Dame Esmerelda and 1 dog, The Moose.

I don’t bake, I don’t sew, I am in the P & C to make up numbers.  I am surrounded by testosterone, farts, skateboards, band aids, scooters, Nerf guns, wrestles, silly giggles, yelling, music, love, love and love.

The reason I want to do a blog is:

1) cheaper than psychologist fees and

2) everyday I have these moments (sometimes very often) and I think ‘It’s not just me Right?’ It’s not just me that:

  • Is flustered most mornings before 9am as I have had the dreaded ‘Get ready for School’ horrors.
  • Deals with what appears to be capable human beings only to find out fairly quickly that this is not the case
  • Sees or reads an article and thinks ‘Really?’ and knowing that if the kids get a hold of it, there’s going to be a whole new world of explaining to be had (aka lies lies lies)
  • Is surrounded by noisy chaos
  • Worries about their weight, health, mentality – oh when will it stop
  • Wants to be the favourite parent that always says ‘Yes’
  • Does not want to turn into their Mother (I love you Dawn, I am not and shall not, ever be you)
  • Needs more sleep, exercise, food, sex, love, money, security……. And the list goes on…..
  • Loses their shit – frequently!
  • Becomes a hormonal raging beast
  • Loves spending time with their family and friends
  • Is honest, scared, afraid, happy, sad………And the list goes on…….
  • Thinks sarcasm is a useful tool not to be wasted
  • Sometimes wants to grab life ears and kick it in the nuts and other times explode with joy
  • Is a Mother, Lover, Sister, Daughter, Aunty
So with all of these questions in mind, it’s either therapy or a blog so I have chosen the latter.

Please enjoy, comment, laugh, cry – do whatever bloggy thing you want to do because the more I hear from you, the more I realise, It’s Not Just Me Right?


About itsnotjustmeright

It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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6 Responses to Therapy

  1. Lena says:

    I am actually laughing my pants off. You have a great way with words!
    I look forward to 9am and dread 3pm. Love weekends cause there’s a general peace in the house. Most times. When all else fails I crack a bottle of wine and let the week that was pass me by 🙂


  2. Therapy can come in the form of a nice red you know!!


  3. Angela Williams says:

    I hear you ! I have 4 boys (1*49, 1*15, 1*14 and 1*9). And a male dog. Way too much testosterone and way too much feeling sorry for myself for the state of my testosterone, emotionally filled teenagers. I never thought at the age if 40 I would find myself feeling this way and wondering what ever happened to my life. Just today I thought about writing a diary – aptly titled my sorry a*#e. Don’t know where these comments are heading really other than I know how you feel and therapy is over rated – been there done that and didn’t help a bit.


  4. Dawn Rogers says:

    No mother wants their children to be like them They want them to be better


  5. Lisa Allen says:

    You should have another baby….it could be a girl!


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