The Invisible Dad

There are a couple of times when Mr Cruisey is not really there.  Well he’s right there, but he has a guitar in his hand and this far, far away look in his eyes.  When guitar is  in hand, Mr Cruisey if  ‘Out of Service’.  This also occurs when he enters the Man Room – fair enough, it is Man Zone.

But the times it really gives me the shits are the times that he is Mr Invisible to the kids.  You know what happens, they walk straight past him, to scout me out to ask me,

‘Mum, can I have blah blah blah blah’ and on and on it goes………’

There also seems to be regular times that this happens too, here’s some examples:

I’m in the loo or shower.  I haven’t crapped in peace for 10 years.  Just like I love it in the middle of winter when they storm in and then leave the door open – yeah gold!

I’m downstairs doing the laundry – the never ending pile of clothes that multiplies if just one day is  missed.  They walk straight past Mr Cruisey but had to come downstairs to ask me their all important question.  Couldn’t wait boys, no.  Couldn’t ask Dad boys, ah no!

In bed.  Mr Cruisey and I are punching out Z’s and in creeps the Monkeyboy.  He seems to linger for a bit, make a bit of noise and then gets nice and close with his bum breath to ask me, ‘Mum are you awake? Can I go on the computer please?’ Hey kid, see how my eyes were closed, means I am sleeping but feel free to wake me, I really love it when you wake me.

And any other time that Mr Cruisey is right in front of them  It just seems to be so much easier to come and seek me out.  I guess this is why I really am the one that says no because, I am the one they ask the most – bloody vicious little circle!

End of Rant!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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