The Usual Suspects….

I was so excited all week because we have a kid free weekend – yikerdy – and long overdue to, so Mr Cruisey and I went out last night!!! We went to this:

  Monstrothic: Shellfin, Spitfireliar, Feed, Stone Chimp, Homeless Yellow

We hung with the cool kids, we had friends in 2 bands, that’s right, we knew the bands.  Well technically, this was the first time we were seeing the bands but the point being, we were out and acting like we used to BC (before children).  We didn’t get home until late (1.30am yes that’s right, 1.30am) and we even went to Dirty Harry’s Diner for a grease fix (happy to report it was not to my detriment this morning) before home time.  It is also great to see that no matter what year it is, there is always the Usual Suspects out and about.  Here’s what I mean:

1) Drunk Crying Girl – Oh lovey, you really shouldn’t have come out of the gates that hard.  Sitting on the footpath crying is never ever a good look.  If you’re a little emotional, alcho pops are never, ever your friend.  They may look pretty and taste sweet but if it has Illusion in their title, well you figure it out.

2) Drunk Teddy Bear – You know the dude, he’s like a big huggy bear, he’s crazy dancer boy, he knows a lot of people everyone seems to like him.  He’s not fall over drunk Barge Boy, he’s just ‘I’m so happy to be here I’m gonna dance my arse off’ boy.

3) Barge Boy – Opposite to the Drunk Teddy Bear.

4) Vommie Girl – Look we’ve all been there but when it happens when you’re out, it will never, ever end well.  This poor girl was struggling, really struggling.  She had BF wiping her mouth and shirt while she was sprawled out amongst the filth on the floor.  It’s pretty hard to redeem yourself from this sorry state.  My Advice, shower in bleach when you get home and do not go back to said bar for a period a at least 2 months,

5) The Hustler – This dude approached me about a new website he was doing promoting blah blah blah look not even sure what he was selling but he gave me a business card, go check out the website oh hang on, it’s not up yet, so check it out in a couple of weeks blah blah blah – there’s always someone trying to hustle something.

6) The ‘What The Hell Is He On’ Dude – This boy was off tap.  He was a dancing queen yet I’m pretty sure that most of the movements were involuntary spasms that he was trying to cover up.  He had no need for chewing gum as he was happy to chew his gums.  At least he wasn’t in everyone’s face because he was pretty happy talking to himself.

Ah and what a night it was.  It was great seeing our friends and also to see some live music but remember,

the next time you go out, keep and eye out for the Usual Suspects.


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3 Responses to The Usual Suspects….

  1. Ah the Weird Guy – he is everywhere !!!


  2. Lisa Allen says:



  3. Lisa Allen says:

    I also like Weird Guy – he is always sitting along drinking, eyeing you off and probably still lives with his mother….


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