This One Time at Band Camp……..


Moomoo had camp this week.  We got the list from school a couple of weeks ago, I perused it but of course left the actual packing until Sunday night.  I thought I would let Moomoo do the packing and I would check – oh so silly me!.

It started out not so bad, well kinda.  He was keen to help out.  I told him what he needed and said he should lay it out and then I will check before he packs.  Of course, not much of this went on.  You see, Moomoo is fairly impatient – who knows where that comes from??? and he loves to complain no end – again, who would have thought???  So needless to say, the whole packing experience wasn’t super happy.  We got through though.  Mr Cruisey has a big bag so everything including his sleeping bag and pillows fitted so it was all good.  It was all good right up until I said to Moomoo try to carry this and I realized the bag was nearly as big as him – rippa.  So we repacked into a smaller bag, carried the pillows and sleeping bag, it’ll be all good.

He’s off the bed early, big day tommorrow, calm settles over the house.  Now as previously stated, Moomoo doesn’t move to quick in the mornings.  Well that is until its school camp day and then he’s up, showered, brekky done and then he starts.

‘Hurry up Mum, we’ll be late’ – it’s 6:30am

‘Mum what’s the time, we’re gonna be late’ – it’s 6:40am

‘Mum, let’s go, I’ll miss the bus’ – it’s 7:00am

‘Mum, what are you doing, it’s time to go’ – it’s 7:10am

‘Muuummmm, when are we going’ – it’s 7:30 – bloody soon I tell ya!!

‘Mum, can we go now’ – yep, we’re going now cause I can’t listen to this any longer!!!!!

We get there, and I look around and every kid has a bloody suitcase.  See I’m a camp newbie as pointed out by my mother friends there.  I thought the whole suitcase deal was well you couldn’t take suitcases.  So as pointed out by my mother friends, spot the newbies – yep, you guessed it, it was Moomoo and a couple of other kids that were the ones struggling with their bags – great start!  Lucky for me, Moomoo didn’t seem to fazed and his best mate helped him carrying his pillows.  We waited for the children to board the bus, stood by waving and we were all doing secret little happy dances.  One less kid, one less mess.

So Moomoo arrived home today.  It was really great to be greeted with a big hug and kisses.  I grilled him the whole way home and also when we got home and as far as I can gather, camp was good – and that’s about all I got.  Well I did find out what they ate, that he went kayaking, there was a big swing there – yeah that’s about it.

Overall, his first camp experience went well.  He had fun, we had a quieter house for a while and he came back in one piece.


Oh, he also managed to bring everything home with him – success!!


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2 Responses to This One Time at Band Camp……..

  1. Hilarious – nope no extras came home with Moomoo except the dreaded Loogy !


  2. Susan says:

    So you don’t happen to have an extra pair of grey trackies do you? Seriously lol I guess if that’s the on,y thing that didn’t come back we’re not doing too bad oh and one black thong……


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