Let’s talk about sex…

So we’re driving to school the other day and one of the DJ’s says something about oral sex.  I immediately look over to Moomoo and he has this stupid grin on his face.  He looks at me and says’

‘What does oral mean’ – phew, oh hang on not so good…

‘It’s means talking, people talking about sex.’ – quick look away, change the subject, jump out of the car – anything to avoid any further questions.

See Moomoo is 10 years old and he’s getting a bit curious about thing’s.  I found a picture of Kim Kardashian in his room not long ago – I know, it could’ve been anyone else but a Kardashian.  Much to my relief, when I saw the picture again he had glued and alien’s head on it.  He also made a comment on a ladies shirt one day when we were shopping – nice colour he was saying – translation:’ OMG did you see those boobs Mum they were huge’.

It’s also got me thinking.  At what age do you do ‘The Talk’?  I ask because I’m dreading it.  His world nearly collapsed when I told him the horrible truth about the Tooth Fairy – imagine when he hears that ‘no you didn’t come out of my belly button’ – worlds will collide.  When I was given ‘The Talk’, all I remember is the pictures out of the ‘Where Did I Come From’ book – cartoon swimmers!  Thankfully this book is still in publication so it looks like another generation is going to get the pleasure of a step by step cartoon guide to sex – hey, if it ain’t broke!


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One Response to Let’s talk about sex…

  1. Bec says:

    Danny, to my dismay, wanted to do the “talk” 2 years ago (Josh at 6)! Not bloody likely.


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