Theme Parks…

We have managed to avoid theme parks for the last few years, but the boys are now at an age where they are keen to go.  I got season tickets to 3 theme parks – it has begun…..

We went to Movie World the other weekend.  Moomoo was so excited he was jumping out of his skin.  Monkeyboy – well, he doesn’t like to show too much emotion really.  I must admit, I was pretty keen myself.

I knew that one of my tyres was pretty bald so we stopped off and got a new tyre fitted – ended up with an extra one but hey, can never be too safe.  This is not acceptable to Moomoo and Monkeyboy apparently and they let us know this by the amount of times they kept whinging about it!  Finally, it’s done and we are on the way.

We drive up to the gates at 12.30pm and by this time, Moomoo is finding it super hard to contain his excitement.  Get through the gates, minimal fuss and then it begins……..

‘I wanna go here’

‘I wanna do this’

‘Where is the blah blah blah blah’

‘What time is the blah blah blah blah on’

Moomoo got himself so overwhelmed that Mr Cruisey had to step in and rein him in a little.  Monkeyboy was more composed but that could have been fear in his eyes.

Moomoo and I went on the roller coaster (kids roller coaster) that I had taken him on when he was about 5 and he seemed to squeal a little more this time around.  Monkeyboy and Mr Cruisey don’t do rides, although they did line up for the roller coaster and bailed at the last-minute.

We saw the 4D show where the seats move and they spray water in your face and you come out with jarred necks, we saw the street parade, we got sucked in to buying the kids a couple of souvenirs that they desperately needed right then and there only to be discarded 2 days later and we hung with the bogans as bogans always seem to get bargain season tickets.

So for our first trip back to the theme parks after many years, we did survive.  I went in trying to be cool even those my stress levels were rising, and I did do OK overall – others may beg to differ but whatever.  We now also have our very own photo ID come any time before June 30 next year passes.  This also entitles us to Wet n Wild – water adventure playground or Blog Fodder as I am choosing to call it – keep an eye out for that post!


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2 Responses to Theme Parks…

  1. Its a date! I really need someone to go on the rides with me…….


  2. Susan says:

    We have those passes as well, see you there some time!


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