Bikinis Bad, Jocks OK

Came across this article today from the most reliable news site ever, Ninemsn, on Jessica Simpson copping flak for dressing her baby in a bikini because, wait for it,

‘”Bikinis are designed to draw attention to adult’s sexual features, in particular the breasts, which a baby doesn’t have,” she told The Weekly.

She’ is:  Australia Institute social researcher Dr Emma Rush, an expert on child sexualisation.

Thankfully, the majority of the responses from readers was a lot of  ‘What’s the big deal?’ – well folks what is the big deal?

The big deal is that lately there are so-called experts and parenting groups (aka do gooders) that are going on about sexualisation of kids clothing and all that crap.  Come on, seriously?

To be frank, I reckon Super Heroes have a lot to answer for.

These characters save the world and wear their jocks on the outside of their spandex tights – like hello?????? Why? Why I ask you?  Did the Super Heroes have a meeting and go,

‘Righto lads, let’s come up with a uniform.  Lets go with capes, all heroes need capes and they look super cool when we fly.  We need tights for the chaffing issue and what if we did something a little different and we – wait for it, lets shake things up and wear them – wait for it, wait for it – on the outside!!!’

Do you reckon they put it to the vote and it was only The Hulk who went,

‘Fuck that shit, I’m gonna rip my gear off!’

And Wonder Woman did she question whether she should wear a full brief or bikini brief?

The Fantastic Four, they were on to it, they suited up at least!

Do you think they wear undies underneath their tights and on top of their tights? And if so, is this bad for the health? Are they too tight? Come on folks, this could spark of a range of health issues. I guess the tights help with chaffing? Is that the idea behind it all?

Oh but I get off topic.  As I was saying, Jessica Simpson gets sledged for putting her baby in a bikini when I guess she should have just done what most other parents do and just leave them in a nappy yet we let our kids emulate their super heroes and wear their jocks on the outside – irony……


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