Fire Cracker Up The Clacker – Bad Idea!



I came across this article:

Now as a parent there is a lot of stuff to worry about.  Just getting through these years and into teenage years is going to be a challenge and then to have to worry about them when they go out drinking, well that’s a whole new fear.

I know this for sure because well lets be honest, we have all done stupid things whilst under the influence.  Mr Cruisey and his brothers still do stupid things, not life threatening things, but if they drink near fire, there will be blisters.  Every year on Mr Cruisey’s birthday we have ‘The Great Rissole ‘ Cook Off’ and this now also involves ‘The Chilli Challenge’.  Lots of red faces and tears but ‘man I did it!’.  A couple of years ago they taped a video camera to Roos head and went skating around the block – the footage is pretty dark however the audio captures the stacks.  Jumping off the roof into the pool – yeah still doing idiotic stuff.

Regardless of alcohol though, boys are always doing silly things.  Moomoo and Monkeyboy went to stay at Aunties and Uncle was going to show them a Bullfrog (or a Bulldog Mr Cruisey said).  Anyway, Auntie quickly stepped in and said to Uncle that pulling his jocks up and letting his nads hang out is probably not the best thing to show the boys – yeah good thinking said Uncle.  Anyway, apparently Moomoo and Monkeyboy were discussing what it was and they instantly thought ‘nuts’ – see from a very young age, boys have a fascination with nuts – a fascination that doesn’t seem to end, ever!

Wedgies, holding each other down and farting in each others faces, or in The Mooses face, cupcakes, all harmless ,well mostly harmless, fun at the moment, it’s all leading up to lighting farts surely.  In all seriousness though, of course we will be talking to the boys pre drink but to be honest, I’m really not thinking too much about that now.

With reference to the above article, the fire cracker up the clacker makes me laugh, a lot, over and over and over again, at least he put on a good show for the boys though hey!


(Just a heads up, The Hangover movies are up there with my all time favourites!)


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