Good Half The Time?

I got this txt from Deb:

Blog Topic: Why do kids turn into little shits as soon as you get home?  Is the front door possessed?  I babysat today and had the most wonderful day with Nate, he was kind, helpful, listened the first time, used nice words etc.  As soon as he go out of the cat the crap started, what’s with that?  Surely that can’t just be happening in my world!??!!

So peeps, is she alone?? Ah Hell to the NO!

As I told Deb, the only consolidation for all this nonsense, is that it is nice to know that when our kids are out in the real world, they know how to behave.  They seem to use their manners, not poke people, not to stare (too long) or fart too loudly (but if you do, try to cover it up and blame someone else), they don’t run around all crazy like (well mostly),they can behave like normal human beings for a while.

It’s also nice when you get positive feedback about your kids – at least you know that all the stress, tears, pain , drinking…… all of this is worth it because hearing that your children are good kids is well, lets face it – cool, really cool.

 To hear you are doing something right when at times you just want to rip your own hair our, poke yourself in the eye, cry, scream (oh I hope this is just not me here…..), is kind a validating.

But I completely agree with Deb here, what is the go when you get home?  As Deb said, do they see the door and think right, it’s on.  It’s like they are normal human beings when they are out – of course there is the usual amount of grief, but when they are in a situation with other humans, they can handle their own.  Get them home in their own environment and all bets are off.  The whingeing and complaining starts leading right up to the verbals and wrestling and stopping at tears.

I know that when I pick them up from Dawns or Aunties, they have had a great weekend right up until I get there because Dawn says this (a lot),

‘Dont’ start now that your Mums here’ or

‘They’ve been good all weekend until you got here’ (hey I could always leave them there for a few more years….)

See, upsetting yet good to know.  I think the answer is here somewhere and I’m pretty sure of what it is but I am going to go into complete and utter denial and just be happy in the fact that, when Moomoo, Monkeyboy and Nate are let out amongst the humans, they know what they are doing – and maybe, just maybe, we have got something right so far in this Parental Gig.

(Besides, knowing that they are good for other people means escaping just a little bit more.)


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2 Responses to Good Half The Time?

  1. They think they have their own bedroom there! They love it!!


  2. Teresa Palmby says:

    Hey, they are at my place for the weekend…..I guarantee they will be little angels for me and Dawnie lol!


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