Yes Ma’am


And so it comes to the end of another term.  Is is clearly evident that we are all over it as the fighting in the morning has been kicked up a notch, the tears and frustration at homework time, ah the list goes on and on.  During the last week we get to do those wonderful thing’s called Parent/Teacher Interviews.

You are allotted 15mins to blurt out what you can and listen to the teacher talk about your little darlings.  One of my Mummy friends said to me years ago that Parent/Teacher Interviews and Reports Cards should not be a shock if you keep in touch with the teacher and know your kid.  Now I agree with this,  but these interviews still freak me out a little.  I get on well with both teachers and I communicate fairly regularly with both of them but they still, well they just freak me out.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Sitting at the little tiny table on the little tiny chairs – I know I’m short but geez, big people chairs please.
  • What if my jokes back fire or I laugh at inappropriate moments to mask my nervousness?
  • When to stop – I ramble a bit when I’m nervous, what if I over share?  Embarrassing for all concerned I’m thinking.
  • Do I look directly at them at all times – or is this just a bit creepy?

Ah the stress that goes with these 15 minutes…….

And then it’s over.  Nothing was said that freaked me out.  They are both doing well, they have improved, they play up sometimes but nothing uncontrollable they are all round good kids – phew!

And then it is done for another term



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3 Responses to Yes Ma’am

  1. Ah yes, see previous blog about this, they are good when they are supposed to be, not for us however. Although at least it’s a nice surprise to hear they are angels for them.


  2. i am bloody sure my kids teachers were talking shit at there interviews, they never sounded like they were talking about my kids!!!! i think they got mixed up! my kids could not possibly be the little darlings they were talking about!


  3. Susan says:

    Omg did I just right that lol. I thought I was the only one who worried about to say, how much to share etc etc. thanks for sharing


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