Upping the Ante

A couple of weeks ago my niece had a Mad Hatters Birthday Party.  It was brilliant.  It was held in a park near their house so we had to get there a bit earlier to set up.  When we got there, someone had decided to ‘bar’ a table by sticking a note on it – this is not cool.  Part of the ‘fun’ (read: competition) of having a party in the park is first in best dressed – none of this ‘barring’ business!  Needless to say, I did throw them lots of dirty looks when they got there – and Auntie did a much better job of setting up anyway!  There were cupcakes, lollies, little tea sets, high tea stands, arts and crafts, face painting (by yours truly – I hope it all came off the pale girls’ face…) games, treasure hunts – it was lovely  (OK I admit it, as soon as I finished painting faces I bolted left).

Most parents did the drop and run but as with all parties, there is always the couple of parents that hang.  You know what they are doing don’t you, they are scrutinizing everything.  They are getting tips on how to put on a cool party.   I did say to Auntie that she has set the bar way too high, which in a way, is really good.  This will be a party that all the parents talk about.  Auntie won’t need to do a party for a couple of years now and Jess has got at least 5 invites out of this party.

I’m a bit like Auntie.  I don’t go up to the school much, so I’m not familiar with all the kids and their parents.  This also creates the awkwardness at parties.  There are parents that you hope do the drop and run, no time for small talk, see you in a couple of hours.  And if your kids are invited to a party, rock up, introduce quickly, find out pick up time and bolt – safest way out.  I say this is the safest way because well lets be honest, some parents are kind of freaks.  There are 15 kids here, lets stay here and talk about kids the whole time or we could have an adult conversation – oh hang on, no life that’s cool.

Kids parties are fierce competition to.  Google kids party ideas – man there are whole websites dedicated to it.  My friend was telling me that she took her daughter to a beach themed birthday party and the dude covered his whole backyard in sand – that’s cool – no-one in that year is going to top that party – ever!  You can hire clowns, magicians, pony rides, castles, even bloody farm animals!  But the parties that the parents talk about are the ones with the beer and champagne at it.  Half think its cool, the other half think it crass – well whatever floats your boat.  I reckon if I’m throwing a party for 15 kids, beer is going to help me – a lot!

So next time your kid is invited to a party, go the drop and run, and enjoy a little alone time – it doesn’t kill you – trust me!

(Disclaimer: Of course I don’t condone this sort of behaviour)


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