Locals Only!

Dog Parks.

Dog Parks are full of weirdo’s.

Dog Parks are a  locals only hot spot.

I have taken The Moose to a few dog parks when he was younger.  There are rules at dog parks – the biggest one being common courtesy – or so I assumed.  Apparently the rules have changed.

I don’t take The Moose to dog parks these days during peak hour or as I like to call it, After School Care.  This is when the locals all come out with their freaky mutts and young ones and they all hang and chitter chatter about their dogs – or rather, the dog owners.  It’s kind of (exactly) like standing around at Day Care or School.  We all do it, we all talk about Daisy’s owners (Mum or Dad – either is fine), what a rat bag Daisy is, how Daisy doesn’t like to play with others, share her toys or is domineering – see, dog park, day care, school – it’s all the same.

Anyway, back to where I was.  I used to take The Moose to this dog park.  To be fair, there were a couple of really nice people there and their beasts were not out of control and they actually kept an eye on said beasts.  But then the bullies rocked up.  The bullies parents bring their young ones as well so the young one gets to mingle with all of the beasts.  If any of the beasts go near the young one, the bullies sort them out, to be fair, they are only protecting the young one but the parental figure is pretty blase to so its all just kind of wrong.  If The Moose were to go and investigate the strange little two-legged creature, being that he’s 50kg+, I’m pretty sure the parental figure might not like it and her beasts would probably rip The Moose a new one – see the problem here?  Yes we see the problem, but to the parental figures, they don’t see it as an issue.

Or you get the owners who just figure well its a park, its fenced, go run you wild beast, this is all the exercise you’re getting and so these beasts are just off tap.  The owners don’t give a rats if their beast if crapping, humping, annoying any other beast – dog, human or other – this is their exercise yard man so they gotta right to  be here.  Yes, but back to point 1, common courtesy – wtf I hear them say???

So The Moose only goes to the dog park when there is very little traffic there.  The Moose is pretty well-behaved and has never caused an issue at any of them – actually he’s a bit of a softie and doesn’t realise he is actually a giant.  Much like being a parent to the two-legged beasts, we actually still need to keep an eye on them no matter where they are.  If it’s a public place, all the more reason to keep and eye on them I say.


And now, enjoy…..

Dog or Owner?




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