How To Change A Nappy – A Mans Guide

So as you know, there is a new baby coming into the clan in 10 weeks.  Mr Cruisey thought he would dish out some advice to his brother last night.  It went like this:

Mr Cruisey:  So babies don’t do much for like the first 6 months.  They just sleep and crap pretty much, so you need to get the nappy changes down pat.  Nappy changes should only take like 5 minutes.

Me:  5 minutes, they should only take like 2 minutes.

Mr Cruisey:  Yeah I suppose, you’ll get the hang of it anyway.  The trick is this.  You have got to hold both legs and get the nappy underneath.  You gotta have the wipes close by too.  So you grab the legs, open the nappy, wipe with the nappy and tuck it under, get the wipe, wipe again and then get the new nappy under the baby, all the while holding the legs up.  You really gotta watch for any spraying going on too.  So man really, what you need is a pulley system.  Yeah that’s the go, just crank it up and off you go…….

Mr Cruisey has changed a lot of nappies in his time and I gotta say, he does do it really well.  I reckon I got hit with the stray sprays more that him.  I also remember the first exploding nappy he got.  He was holding Moomoo when Moomoo decided to let one rip – explosion!  Out both sides it came.  Mr Cruisey was mortified:

‘AAAAAhhhhhh, quick do something’ he yells in his freaked out I’ve go poo on me voice.

So I did.

I got what I thought would help the situation, but to which Mr Cruisey didn’t really see the funny side to, until said poo was cleaned up,

I got the Camera – snap!

Well, at least when Munzie wants some advice, he can always count on Mr Cruisey and if not, there’s always directions on the Web:


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