My Sister, My Soul


There is 8 years between Soul Sister and I.  In the family scenario, she is the good girl, I am the middle child – enough said.  As we were growing up, we always had a good relationship.  Through all the teasing, fighting and complaining when we were kids, we came out unscathed and now have a fantastic relationship – she is my best friend (Yes Mr Cruisey is to, but she’s a chick right?  We talk chick stuff).

During the years, I have taught her a few tricks and tips.  I led by example, paved the way so to speak.  OK in reality, I did all the naughty stuff and left nothing for her to shock Dawn with, so in a way, I kind of made it easy for her.  I may or may not have given her first ‘green’ cigarette, I took her to her first R rated movie (SFW with Stepeh Dorff in it), I was with her when she got kicked out of the pub 20 minutes before she turned 18, I took her to her first gay bar, told her not to point, stare or stand with her mouth open – she did all of these in the first 10 minutes, I took her to her first festival, told her not to point, stare or stand with her mouth open – she did all of these in the first 10 minutes.  I was beside her when she got married, she was beside me when I gave birth to Moomoo (sucking on the gas with Mr Cruisey I might add!).

So yes, we are close and when we decided to enter the Parental Gig, we did so knowing that we have a great support network around us.  When I was pregnant with Moomoo, Mr Cruisey was working away so naturally, Soul Sister came to birthing classes.  So after explaining, no we are not lesbians, we are sisters, we sat through a few classes.  I think it was midway through when they decided to show a birthing video – we all knew it was coming but holy shit, really – nothing prepares you for that – and didn’t the room know that Soul Sister was there!!!  It all started out with a few jokes and laughs and then bam! That scene, that horrible, horrible mess – and what do we worry about – am I going to poo?

Righto, enough said.  Now I will get to the point.  Soul Sister chose a career in Child Care.  She has worked her way through the ranks of wiping random childrens bums and noses, vomit and spit, caught chicken pox and always has Immodem on hand and through it all, has mostly enjoyed the ride (I can’t do my own kids vomit let alone some other kids: vommie in mouth as I’m typing).  She educates children and adults alike, she broadens minds, hearts and souls and is fantastic at what she does.

So now, I want you all to go to the following website and like the fb page because this is my sisters new venture – and it will be outstanding!

Sustainable Childcare Resources

Welcome to Sustainable Childcare Resources!

Our Company is dedicated to providing you and your service with natural and sustainable resources for young children at an affordable price.  With the new National Quality Standards taking effect from 1st January 2012 we understand the importance of providing resources for young children which enhance their understanding of the world around them.  We also recognise the challenges many centres face in creating these lovely play spaces.

Our Company Directors are Childcare Professionals, Teachers and Parents who are dedicated to helping Childcare Services meet the Quality Areas and Learning Outcomes within the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.  Along with providing fantastic resources we also assist you and your educators with tips and useful hints which will meet the new standards.  Our website will be constantly growing and in the near future we will be providing unique professional development opportunities as well.  We look forward to the journey ahead and invite you to come along!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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4 Responses to My Sister, My Soul

  1. Lyallz says:

    I so love you two and I don’t see nearly enough of both of you (no smart ass comments please) lmao


  2. Soul sista says:

    Sis, you are amazing!!! Yes you have taught me many lessons and still teach me every day. They say friends are the family we choose for ourselves, how lucky am I that my sister is also my best friend. Love you sis xx


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