Open Wide….

I got up this morning super excited because I had a dentist appointment to get a filling.  Not a normal size filling either, a big filling because I had left it for so long – oh hang on, this was in bizarro world.

What actually happened was this.  I went for a check up a couple of weeks ago and my dentist told me,

‘Well it’s been 2 years, lets see what’s going on’ – Rippa I’m thinking.

‘Do you remember me telling you that you had 2 holes, 2 years ago?’

I certainly do remember those holes Dr Pat, that’s why I put it off for 2 years – although to be honest, didn’t think it was that long I was in denial for!

‘Well they have got bigger now so we better get you in to get them filled.  Other than that, you are brushing really well and everything else looks fine.’

Yay me, sigh of relief, unclench hands, wipe sweat from brow and now breathe.

The boys have been going since they were in day care.  I wanted them to get used to going to the dentist so they don’t freak out – not like when I used to go to the school dentist – bloody butchers weren’t they!  The only thing to look forward to when going to the school dentist was  getting out alive!  I don’t think you can say to anyone over 30 – hey do you like the sound of the dentists drill? Or, was going to the dentist when you were young a pleasant, non scarring experience?  Or, hey I used to love going to the school dentist, it got me out of class.  Or, I just love all of these mercury fillings I have in my mouth right now, they remind me of my old school dentist.

I walk in all confident (nervous and feeling slightly sick) and ready to go,

‘Righto, lets do it but can you please double up the drugs, it’s ok if I don’t feel my nose for a while as long as there is no pain.  Look I’ve had 2 babies and have 7 tattoos but I’m scared I’m going to feel pain’ … on and on I go, I can hear myself but I can’t stop this nervous banter……..

On the chair, gob open, hands clenched, sweaty brow, safety glasses fogging up and then I see the needle coming.  It is at this point I close my eyes and hope no one sees the little tear that escapes – from the fear of the needle of course, not because I am a scared – no way!  As the drugs kick up and my lip feels like they are bigger than Angelina Jolie’s – in a non sexy way – my nose starts to lose feeling in one nostril and I start to dribble, possibly form my nose as well, it’s time for Dr Pat to go in.

And then it happens, the drill.  I hear it, I start to see it coming, I don’t know if I’m dribbling or crying so I just hold on and close my eyes.  Dr Pats in there poking, prodding, filling – suction – ‘how are you doing’ yeah great, can’t talk got hands in the gob – and then sigh of relief, open eyes, it’s done!  No Pain! I haven’t taken a breath for a while and I may have passed out but no pain – nothing!!!  Yay me, sigh of relief, unclench hands, wipe sweat from brow and now breathe.

You see, the biggest problem with going to the dentist is the fear of the pain.  Yeah, the needle doesn’t tickle but hey, compared to an epidural – it’s a walk in the park.  You need the drugs though, the drugs make all of the pain go away, numbs the bejesus out of you, makes you dribble a bit and is entertainment for your co workers if you happen to go to work after the appointment, but they are a necessity.  Anyway, one filling down today, one to go and them I am done for another 9 months – yikerdy (yes, I get to go every 9 months because we put fluoride in the water in New Zealand and it makes kids teeth strong!)

And let’s be totally honest, the biggest fear of going to the dentist – The Cost!


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