Controversial this one…..

I just read this article – you should to:

I love when she says, ‘Here is a controversial statement:

I don’t live for my kids

Um ah! You’re not supposed to say things like that right???  Well here’s what I say:

My kids are not my world,

They are a mega, insanely huge part of it, but not all.

We chose to have kids.  We knew our lives would change – holy crap change, however, we did not lose our identity, get baby brain and forget who we are.  Our kids are healthy, well-adjusted human beings.  Yes they don’t always know what the number 1 song is on the ARIA charts because they listen to Triple J.  They played rugby for winter sport however, they are not enrolled in summer sport – (to be honest, didn’t know that was the go until someone asked me) they go to the skate park most afternoons and swim – in our back yard pool (Summer sport done!).  Besides, I don’t know how people afford enrolling their kids in all these activities and sports.  And we also do these ‘sports’ as a family.  Apart from the money, it’s the time.  I don’t want to be a taxi my whole life.  Mr Cruisey and I also want to have a weekend / life.

Moomoo and Monkeyboy also love to whinge when we say we are going to a party or having a party for ‘adults only’.  Apparently they are not alone.  There are parents out there who don’t understand this concept.  We do family BBQ’s and parties and of course the kids are a part of it but every now and then, we like to play with the adults – get over it!  These are the times we can relax, have ‘adult’ conversation and play with the big kids. I do not understand these parents who spend all of their time with their kids.

While I’m at it, I will also say this.  I am still totally in love with Mr Cruisey.  The love I have for Moomoo and Monkeyboy is very very different to how I feel about Mr Cruisey.  I remember reading an article years ago about a mother who said this and she was crucified.  I totally got it.  I think being in love with your kids is a bit off.  There are all kinds of love aren’t there?  Anyway, these may be controversial topics  but bugger it – get it out there folks and deal with it.



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