My Big Fat Gypsy WTF

I was sitting here getting ready to do my next post with My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on the TV – hey, nothing wrong with some good quality viewing right?  And now I have a brand new post.

This is the Wikipedia definition of an Irish Traveller – the most reliable source ever!!

These folks have their own customs and beliefs.  We need to respect every ones customs and beliefs I think and we need to realize that that’s how things have been for a very long time – who are we to judge.

Well who are we – I tell ya who we are, we are the ones watching the freak show from the other side – amazed at what the hell is going on!

The show tells us that there is a tradition called ‘grabbing’ – this is when a boy likes a girl, he ‘grabs’ her and tries to get her number.  In our culture it is called sexual assault.  In their culture, girls dress up (trampy like) and are not allowed to approach the boys, but wait to see if they get ‘grabbed’.  See now, what if you don’t get ‘grabbed’, how many times do you need to go out to get ‘grabbed’, I reckon I would be embarrassed if I didn’t get ‘grabbed’, ah but I get off track….

Apparently the girls don’t really like it but it’s just what happens ya know?  Sometimes it’s a bit violent but they still give out their numbers so ‘grab’ successful. It’s kind of weird because if the ‘grab’ is successful and they start dating, they can never be alone and must be chaperoned until their wedding night – I smell hypocrisy!

Anyway, this show exploits shows us a people who not many of us would have much to do with.  They marry very young and the women really are there to serve their men, to cook, to clean, to be the best wife they can be and maybe in this day in age, we women folk could learn some lessons from these girls – ah fuck you mister, no thanks!

So escape your reality some time and take a look at this show and remember, it makes for great television whether it be factual, well that’s another story isn’t it!

From this

to this

who are we to stand in the way of true love?


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