Diss those teens right back! Monday Quotes #24

And this can apply to kids at any age I reckon!!

Dirty Rotten Parenting

Okay, so I’m not picking a particular sentence to quote this monday, I’m going to quote an entire post! Since I don’t have teens of my own, I’ve been doing some preparatory reading. The lovely Kristen Hansen Brakemen has shared some parenting teens advice that quite frankly, I consider cutting edge!

Here’s what she had to say:

10 Ways To Annoy Your Teen

Though I love my children dearly (even my two teenagers), their condescending tone can really get under my skin. It’s like they think I’m an idiot, and they clearly find me embarrassing.

I don’t get it. It’s not like I’m showing up at school in dirty sweatpants or revealing short skirts and high heels. I’ve seen the other moms – I know there are many out there who are more embarrassing than me. (Really.)

That’s why my kids’ attitude bothers me so much. So lately I’ve begun to…

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