Will Trade Time with Kids for Comedy Material

If you are in need of a giggle, read this….

The Good Greatsby

My librarian wife went out of town for work last weekend, leaving me alone with the kids and providing more evidence of how libraries tear families part. I told the kids if I was going to spend twice as much time with them in their mother’s absence, they would have to work harder to provide me writing material.

My 8-year-old son The Fonz and I were talking about my brothers and sisters and I asked him:

Me: Can you name your aunts and uncles?

Fonz: Um…no.

Me: Really? You can’t name a single one.

Fonz: Oh…I thought you meant name them.

Me: What?

Fonz: I thought you meant name my aunts and uncles.

Me: You mean you thought I was asking you to give them a new name like naming a baby?

Fonz: (Blank look)

Me: Why would I ask you to give your aunts and uncles names?

Fonz: I…

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