Makes Mama Proud!

Well after the last post about my crazy cat 9 year-old, here’s the flip side….

There are so many ‘Proud Mama moments in the kids lives:

Their first smile – who cares if its gas – how the hell do you tell the difference anyway?  A smile is a smile!

Crawling, Walking – It’s game on when this happens

First words – mostly always Dad but we say it’s Mum

Doing their first poo on the big toilet – yeah, gross but it’s a big deal especially for Moomoo who held on for 3 days!

All of these things are great milestones that kids achieve, we sit back proud as punch and then think phew, they got through that, developing well, alright, all good, what’s next?

Now that the boys are a bit older, their Proud Mama moments have taken a slightly cooler turn.  There have been a few moments, especially over the last few months where I go – yeah we’ve doing ok in this Parental Gig, we’ve got a couple of cool cats here.  I am going to share a few:

Moomoo asking ‘How are you’ – A friend of mine said hello to Moomoo, Moomoo responded with a ‘hi’ back and then floored me when he said, ‘and how are you?’ – yes this floored me because he actually cared, he looked her in the eyes and asked how she was!  Look he’s a boy folks, this-is-a-big-deal!  (Monkeyboy is still at the hi, head down stage)

Monekyboy sticking up for his mates:  Monekyboy has a posse at school.  They play handball, soccer, footy whatever is going.  Now sometimes kids being kids pick on each other.  Monkeyboy told me how Johnny was picking on Timmy, I asked him what he did and he said he stuck up for Timmy – nice to know that he will back up his mates!

Moomoo caring for others:  Moomoo hanging out with his mate who has Autism because no-one else would sit with him at first break – it’s nice to know that he has compassion and doesn’t give a rats what anyone else thinks!

Moomoo sticking it to stupid people:  Moomoo telling me that it doesn’t matter who your parents are as long as they love you (In reference to a TV show that asked the question: Is it better to have a Mum or Dad or are gay parents OK – he also went on to say that the program is stupid and shouldn’t be on anyway – agreed).

Moomoo and Monkeyboy being friends:  Moomoo told me this week that he thinks he and Monkeyboy have become better friends now that Monkeyboy is skating as well.

For all the crappy moments that happen, having these proud Mama moments makes the parental gig not a bad job after all.


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