Summer = Water Play

Last weekend, first day of Summer and what do we do?  Hang with a few other people at Wet n Wild – yes, it’s a theme park, unfortunate name possibly, but a lot of wet n wild fun!

Auntie, Uncle and the girls came so we had a little posse and decided to hit the rides.  So the kiddies started by splashing around in ‘Buccaneer Bay’ or as I prefer to call it ‘please don’t swallow the wee water in the pool kids’, we hit the first ride.

This was Monkeyboys choice.  It was ‘Mammoth Falls’ – 4 to a tube and off we go.  Mr Cruisey doesn’t really do rides however, we decided to do this as a family.  Get to the top and the ‘really super helpful, I love my job and would rather be no other place than right here right now and I am grateful I am employed and love these people’ lifeguard, sets us up and off we go.  Now I think I’m still a bit of a thrill seeker – I still love the rides but apparently my fear factor has gone up a notch because as we were ripping down the rides, my face kinda matched Mr Cruisey’s.  It was a mixture ‘the kids are watching, smile and don’t let on how you are freaking out’, get to the bottom, tell each other that was more full on than we expected while the kids tell us it was a breeze – huh!

Right, one down!  On our way back, we decide to go in the Wave Pool – or as I like to call it ‘the dishwasher’.  Waves ebb and flow correct?  In the wave pool, the hit 4 sides don’t they, so the ebb and flow is non-existent, it’s just a mess and you bank into people while the overly helpful lifeguards stand on the edge blowing their bloody whistles telling people to what? Keep from drowning because that would be really inconvenient on my shift?

After that we went on the Aqua Racer – 8 people racing down super slides – you’re on your own here kids!  Mat down, green light and go go go go go – family don’t matter here – winning does – ask Mr Cruisey, he was the winner both times, much to Monkeyboys displeasure!

I took Moomoo on the Black Hole – yeah you guessed it, enclosed tube, a couple of disco lights throughout and a few squeals from me (that wasn’t so scary said Moomoo – I beg to differ), while Mr Cruisey went on the Tornado with Monkeyboy, his brother and his niece.  Uncle tells me later that there was extreme fear in Mr Cruiseys eyes which gave Uncle a lot of pleasure but Mr Cruisey tells me he will go on that ride again with me next time now he knows what to expect – I look forward to peaking out with him.

From driving around the car park for what seemed like an eternity, to Monkeyboy forgetting his shoes and not being able to walk over the molten lava car park (cue the shoulder ride from Dad), to hitting the rides, looking at the sights (which I am not even going to go into because that could make for quite a harsh post and I don’t have a stone for my glass house right now), getting a bit of the old competitive spirit going and the old heart racing, theme parks are still heaps of fun!


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3 Responses to Summer = Water Play

  1. Dawn says:

    Sounds like a great day


  2. Lyallz says:

    God love you and your words Chamas ❤


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