The End is Nigh….

Well they made it, the end of the school year is here – thank god – no more lunches for a while, getting uniforms sorted or finding notes 2 weeks later.

The books have come home, the tiny little bits of lead pencils and erasers and various other foreign objects are all there too.  We have found out which classes they are in next year and the dreaded report cards are here as well.

Moomoo stresses a bit about his report card.  He really tries to do well but he just doesn’t get there – look, he’s not going to be a rocket scientist but he is going to be outstanding in whatever he chooses so we don’t too much about his grades.  Report cards should never really be a big shock if you actually communicate with the teacher throughout the year.  The behaviour result is what we really look at and the comments – love the comments.  Tell me if any of these sound familiar ……

Could apply himself more – ye olde favourite – I remember Mr Cruisey telling the boys that he used to get that on his report cards too

Is easily distracted yep, especially when I asked them to do something at home too

Interacts wells with others – well at least he keeps the psychotic moments for home.

He consistently remains focused – um when???? This must be the positive comment that they throw in

Cheerful and mostly co-operative – Mostly co-operative – that’s all I’m saying

Would benefit from controlling his occasional impulsive nature – bahahahahaha – don’t even know where to go with that one.

Unexplained Absences – oops forgot to write a note!

Overall, the boys improved so all in the world is good.

I also did my annual pilgrimage to the classroom.  Monkeyboys teacher wasn’t there yet so I sat at his tiny little desk in his tiny little chairs and just hung out with the kids for a while and fark me – how do teachers do it?????  I was only in there for 10 minutes and I wanted to kill a number of little freaks and then poke myself in the eye with the sharp end of the lead pencil!  I’ve said it before and I will say it a lot more times, I admire and respect teachers, they do a bloody fantastic job!  I bet they really enjoy the 12 boxes of chocolates the receive at the end of the year because they deserve it!

So it’s a wrap for now.

Just need to get through Hellidays now…….. will keep you posted!


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