Parenting 101

Came across this article:

and this is the offending picture..

Screen Shot 2012 12 19 at 11.23.29 AM Merry Christmas Tony Hawk. The world thinks youre a lousy parent.

The Do Gooders: Put a helmet on

Tony Hawk:  “For those that say I endanger my child: it’s more likely that you will fall while walking on the sidewalk than I will while skating with my daughter.”

Now, to me, that just looks like a really cool picture.  To the Do Gooders, they are saying Tony Hawk is a lousy parent.  I’m also with Rebecca Sparrow, the writer of the article who pretty much says, just chill folks.

And she’s right.  This dude has been skating since he was 9, turned pro at 14, I reckon he can handle himself on a board.

Does make me think back to my childhood though.  We had a great childhood, always out and about so it seemed.  I wonder if every time we went out in a boat when we were youngsters with Nanna and Grandad, if we always had life jackets on?  And I’m not really sure if there were always helmets worn when we used to drive the go carts that Dad used to build – he was a mechanic, these beasts went fast!

How about smoking in the car – yeah, all the gen x’ers are saying their Dad used to do that!  Recently I watched Puberty Blues – come on, red lemonades at the pub and pretty sure we never, ever got a cab home – drink driven, oh I shudder to think.

When we (OK when Mr Cruisey) taught the boys how to ride a bike, pretty sure they didn’t have helmets on in the back yard – sure it was on the grass, so what? And when we put them on skateboards when they were babies (yeah we didn’t roll them down the quarter pipe) should they have had helmets on?  Man oh man, we could go on but bottom line is, we don’t intentionally put our kids in danger, and if we photograph something that is stupid funny and you may not agree with it, just don’t be too quick to judge.

So I think, walk in other peoples shoes folks, see how that goes, and then take your rock and give it a good toss out of your glass house!


OK that picture we could probably safely assume that she got confused with which end is which??


See – stupid funny, so what do we do, take a picture – hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 Responses to Parenting 101

  1. Lisa Allen says:

    Don’t forget when we were kids there were no seatbelts in cars AND definitely no child restraints for babies – they were just held by whoever else was in the car! I think I am with you on this one Shorty – this guy is a pro skater and if he fell while holding his daughter like that I can guarantee you that he would end up on the bottom and she would be sitting on him!


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