Weight Matters

Started this post a couple of months ago, sorry peeps, read, enjoy…

Apparently, a kids weight should be included in their school report as part of a radical plan to tackle the obesity crisis – so says Professor Do Gooder.

Here’s the article:


So, where to begin with this…….

‘inclusion of weight in primary school reports could spark discussion between teachers and parents about their children’s diet and level of physical activity.’

Professor Do Gooder wants teachers to let parents know that their kids are fat and they don’t feed them right and they don’t exercise them enough.  Tell the parents of an overweight child that it’s all their fault, perhaps draw up a menu plan, suggest Weight Watchers and get outdoors a bit more – yeah, I can see teachers just lining up to do that.

 ”It’s not that I want the schools to be seen as the body responsible, but nonetheless use the school environment as a way to contribute to ensuring that the broader issues are there for discussion.”

Or, use food education as part of the curriculum.  Home Economics is offered in High School, maybe that could happen a little earlier?  Cooking involves weihgts and measurements, identifing foods and food group, it gets kids working as a team and here’s the kicker, can also teach kids about healthy eating.  There are actually parents out there that don’t make great food choices but maybe that’s just how they were bought up – yes it could be a cycle??? Hello, maybe a bit of education wouldn’t go astray

Look, seeing an over weight kid is really not great however, teachers have a tough enough job without having to deal with this!


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