Hello 2013 – Lets Play!



Well, the Mayans got it wrong and here we are in 2013.  I love the anticipation of a New Year – getting all excited about the things to come.  2012 wasn’t such a bad year, 2011 – that one sucked, but last year things were pretty good.

I started this little blogging thing and although I was a little quiet towards the end of the year, I really do like doing this therapy so this year, I am going to commit to do at least 1 blog a week, hopefully 2 or 3 but at least if I say 1, I should get there.  I originally wasn’t going to put too many photo’s of the boys up but really, they do such stupid things that it would be a shame not to share them with you so look out, you’ll be seeing a bit more of Moomoo and Monkeyboy (and of Mr Cruisey’s polaroid images!).

So to recap, I am going to share some of my favourite blogs from last year:

http://wp.me/p2tuId-eK   Yep this one is about relaxing – gonna try to do a bit of it this year!

http://wp.me/p2tuId-T  Um no rugby this year – Skateboarding is the go.

http://wp.me/p2tuId-4F    Yep, still planning that wedding!

Enjoy folks!

My Crazy Little Family!!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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