Camping: Like or Loathe?

Once or twice a year we go camping.  We have a 2 man tent.  There are 4 of us – see how this is going??

In the BC (before children) era, we used to go camping a lot with my bro, sis and a bunch of other people up the beach.  There would be epic Easter trips that consisted of drinking games, swimming, more drinking games, cook ups, drinking.  These were the days when the liver screamed out ‘STOP’ but we were invincible enough to back up and dull out the noise with another beer – ah the memories, or lack there of.  In those days I just used to sleep in the back of the 4WD – mozzie net up, cozy as!

So as I said, 2 man tent, 4 of us – not so cozy – so we have soul sisters that we borrow – 1 x 4 man tent (for us) and 1 x 2 man tent (for Moomoo and Monkeyboy).  They are both Dome tents, easy to erect, easy to pull down and shit to stand in, shit in the rain – because that’s what you want when you go camping.  The 2 man tent is about 10 years old and wonky but it’ll do and guaranteed, after every camp trip that we do in our Rolls Royce of Tents I say ‘never again’.

So we went to a camp ground about an hours drive from home.  It had flushing toilets and was a really well looked after place.  It wasn’t crowded and the carnies that ran it seemed quite nice.  The Moose was able to come with us but had to be restrained so he ended up breaking 2 collars and his lead – he did get to swim in the river lots so he was happy.

Walking around the campsite, it became very clear that no-one had a Rolls Royce like ours.  I could see the envy in their eyes when they walked past on their way to their ‘pimp my ride’ camper vans – huh – who needs a generator, solar panels, fridge and in the super flash models, a TV.  That’s not camping I hear you say – well it bloody well is I say!!!! That is the way to do it.  Those people don’t have to stand like our ancient ancestors dragging their knuckles on the ground – no they can stand up tall and swing a cat if they so desire.  No Domes For Them!  And to top it off – we camped right next to a dude who had an old Fire Truck that he has done up and is now his super cool mobile home!  Oh yes, there was envy in the eyes alright, envy of our Rolls Royce tents I can assure you!

I understand these people that like to camp a lot – well kinda, ok, well not really.  I don’t really see the appeal in digging a hole to leave your business behind in or compostable toilets that smell like, well, I can’t really give it a description to do it justice!  Having to boil your water to do the dishes in, fighting with the elements, bugs, fire starters, dirt, sand – all this loses its appeal pretty quick for me.

Overall, it was nice to chillax  and spend a few days away from the rat race – and yes, there was some drinking to be had too.

So although I don’t love camping, I don’t loathe it either – I just like it – sometimes…….


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2 Responses to Camping: Like or Loathe?

  1. betsyk1 says:

    Oh my gosh. That last picture. NO THANK YOU!!!!


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